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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Why Can't I...?

How many times a day do you say Why Can't I? Most of us will say it just once a day. What if you could change your life by doing a couple of simple things?

Is this you?

- Why can't I make money like .... I do the same marketing as everybody else in my type of business

- Why can't I feel better?

- Why can't I have a better house, dog, wife etc etc

- Why can't I have more money?

- Why can't I...?

Think about it every day there are people like you who are asking the same questions yet getting the same results.

What if I told you it is a simple problem that you can change in weeks, days and even hours?

When you are doing all the "right things" to get to where you want to be but you are either static or just going down hill then you have a subconscous mental blockage. Not this is not foo foo.

Scientists have proven that our mind controls everthing that happens to us. It is not outside sources, playing the blame game only makes your situation worse because it confirms to your your subconscous what you do not want.

ScientistPam Grouthas written books that give you simple and easy experiments that prove that what happens in your life in every moment of it is driven by your mind including your taken for granted body functions.

For the sake of this article though I am not going to flesh out the finer points of controlling your mind however I am going to give you some information that you can start using today that will assist you in taking control over your life.

So lets start with a simple example that everybody should be able to relate to:

Sandra wants to lose weight for Summer so she joins a gym and starts a new diet. Technically speaking with the drop in calories and the gym sessions of a total of 4 hours a week she should be losing weight at a steady rate. However, by week 6 all Sandra has lost is a couple of kilo. Sandra asks herself: "Why can't I lose weight? I am doing all the right things"

Answer: Like many Sandra has always had a bit of a weight problem and that is burned into her subconscous. Whilst physically she is doing all the right things to lose weight her subconscious is telling her that she will always be fat and will struggle to lose weight. It is a bit of a mental tug-a-war:

Conscous thoughts: "I will lose this weight and will look fantastic on the beach this Summer"

Subconscous thoughts: "I have never successfully lost weight before what makes me think I can do it now. I will always be fat"

With a shift in mental attitude she will find the weight shifting.

Using the example above lets look at a couple of ways Sandra can retrain her subconsous mind:

- Create a vision board or notebook. Put into this book images of clothes that you would like to be able to wear, people who are of a realistic weight to what you would like

- Use a small plate when you eat. You will physically see your plate as full and mentally your body will accept that amount of food as enough

- Meditate.Often our problems with weight are a generated via other things in our life. Meditation will bring mental peace and help you focus better and be mindful.

- Listen to your little voice. Some people call the little voice their 6th sense, God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Angels, all the same thing. This little voice is your subconscous so if you get that message heed it.

- Your weight problem is not always going to be to do with food or exerciseFree Articles, it may be a combination of that and other factors in your life. Again meditation can help you put perspective into your life.

Worry and anxiety can also cause blockages that stop us getting what we want. It is tough when we see a business owner booming and raking in the money and we do the exact same thing and are struggling. It is tough when we apply for job after job after job with all the right qualifications and the job is given to somebody less qualified. Why? Because we have mental blockages that hold us back and we often just do not realise it.

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Katherine Quirke is a passionate business owner. Helping and supporting others on her journey is one of her prime goals whether it be business or personal. After reading Angel Tarot and Tarot for over 30 years Katherine is now offering services via the internet. For more information regarding Angel Tarot and Angel Readings go to: Angel Message Readings.For more information and tools for meditation go to themind toolssection of this website.

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