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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Advice from the King on Dating Younger Women

So you want to know the Kingís secrets on dating younger women, do YOU? Gentlemen, to me dating younger women is just as normal as breathing. I am 38 years older than my average girlfriend. My girlf...

So you want to know the Kingís secrets on dating younger women, do YOU?

Gentlemen, to me dating younger women is just as normal as breathing.

I am 38 years older than my average girlfriend. My girlfriends average 18 years old.

I am not much into long term relationships most of my girlfriends are one-night stands. I would like to date many of my women again and occasionally I get this opportunity. I have an 18 year old girlfriend who is blonde, perfect and titties that stand straight up in the air and she is model right out of Victoria Secret. She insists she is going to marry the King, Elvis Preston King. She loves the Fat Elvis and I just canít stop her from loving me. She went psyco religious on me and vowed to the ten commandments which includes thou shall not lie. So I took the opportunity to ask her if she loved me and her answer was yes. She also wouldnít have hot sex with the King any more. Another one of the ten commandments! However that lasted about a month and she gave it all up for the King. The bottom line is she really loves the old King.

When men remarry they almost always take the younger woman. I am not sure if I would unless it is the 18 year old honey that I mentioned above. Look guys, I like young women for hot tight sex. I think the mature gentleman who marrys the first young pretty girl who smiles at him could be thinking with his little head instead of his big head. I enjoy the Hell out of young women, but I donít recommend that you  marry any young woman. Are YOU nuts? When will the men of the world get a clue. Be a playboy man, you donít have to get married to get laid. I get laid one to three times a day and I never have sex with the same girl two days in a row. Yes, thatís a fact. Yes, I put on how to get laid seminars and I full close the girls back at our bachelor pad. No classroom theory with the King. I donít care if you are old, fat or bald. I will create a high status male out of your loser ass if you hang out with the King.

Quite frankly men hate my damn guts and I donít blame them, but if you were even half smart you would try like Hell to make friends with the King and hang on for life. I have no plans to marry the first pretty face that smiles at me like Donald trump tends to do. He is smart in business but how can he give it all up so easy?

Dating hot young women is a blast and so is hanging out with the King.

Remember women mature faster.

If you are stupid enough to marry one you will probably get what you deserve.  

Older guys are usually more successful, masculine, mysterious, confident and  high status individuals are the traits some young women love.  All the same rules apply: Proper grooming, dressing well and smelling good. The US is the worst Western Country for creating a stigma that discourages young women from dating men like you and your King. But sometimes young women just lose it when guys like you and me sweep young girls off their feet. You will miss a few, who cares, there are millions of 18 year old hot babes for the dirty old men like you and me. Really we are not dirty old men itís just societies way of insulting us for wanting what is rightfully ours.

Pointers: You take the lead. Donít ever let a young girl be the boss or your life will be a living Hell, if you marry her.

Donít try to be her father.

Donít smother her or get jealous over her.

Donít worship her for her hot body and young beauty.

Donít advice her on the things of life unless she really asks you sincerely.

Donít get upset if she gets emotionalFind Article, young girls do this!

Do let your attraction chemistry flow.

Do let her know that you are interested in her in a sexual way right away.

Allís fair in love and war. Enjoy her while you can and she can enjoy what you can offer her while it lasts and thatís what I call a win win situation. Because women  associate age with experience -- and experience with better performance -- women will forever want to date older men.

Have a nice lay. You deserve it. If you need help email your king at: the dating coach.

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