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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Are You a Dirty Old Man Looking For Dream Girls Galore?

The Problem

Are you a distinguished older gentleman who finds it difficult to pick up sexy young girls? Have you always loved sexy young, beautiful girls, but never got your fair share!!

“My name is Elvis Preston King. I am an expert at picking up and seducing young girls. I seduce one to three new girls practically everyday of the year and I love it. I have over 1000 sexy young girlfriends (no Pros) 18 to 22 years old. I love my top 100 girls! They are so exotic and beautiful! I am a 55 year old, average looking white man. I am also known as the Senior Playboy!”

The Senior Playboy has more young beautiful girlfriends than any man on the Planet! Totally verifiable!!! The average man would have to see it to believe it.

The Solution!!!

“I am looking for a permanent buddy who also loves lots of sexy, young, delicious dream girls. I lost my money in some bad investments and I simply don’t want to go back in business. I love my life and my early retirement and all of my dream girls. I am willing to share all my girlfriends sisters, cousins and their girlfriends, as well as pick up new girls everyday. If I can find another gentleman like me who also loves lots of girls. Which means you too will end up with over 1000 girlfriends! THE DEAL IS SIMPLE: I PICK UP THE GIRLS… YOU PICK UP THE TAB.” Elvis Preston King

“I developed a secret system through a lifetime of study and hard work to learn how to be the top guy in the world at picking up girls. I read every book on the subject. I practiced my art. I studied and I worked. Through trial and error I developed the best system in the world for picking up and seducing girls. God didn’t just hand me this talent or drop beautiful girls in my lap. I worked very hard for this accomplishment. Now I am the best in the world, literally. No man on earth over 50 years old has as many young sexy, beautiful girlfriends as I have. Alexander the Great never had it so good. My system will work anywhere in the world. So if you get bored with my favorite island. We can check out other exotic and interesting locations.” Elvis~!

“I have a separate new bachelor pad just for entertaining our girls. I also have a secluded home where I rest when I want to take a break from my girls.”

Elvis has such a wonderful fantasy life that he does not want to go back in business. He is on a global search to find ONE senior bachelor sidekick who also would like to have 1000 young girlfriends. Or if you insist on the slightly older woman Elvis can certainly arrange that also. He has even hired a chauffeur who speaks seven languages. The chauffeur assists by answering phone calls from all the girls and arranges Elvis’s dates but Elvis selects and picks up all of his own girls!
The Guinness Book of World Records has been on Elvis’s trail but so far he has declined entry into the famous book. Elvis already has many fans as well as many envious people who can’t stand to see Elvis happy with all of his girls.

“My girls all have Hawaiian tans and big brown eyes with the exception of a few blonde girls that I have. The girls in my favorite exotic locations adore the older man. In fact, if your old, fat, and bald that helps! They prefer the older man that Western Girls wouldn’t give the time of day no matter how fat your wallet is. Unlike the culture of Western women who see youth as everything. Our maturity gives the girls a sense of security.” On the other hand there are many Western men who come to my favorite island and don’t get laid unless they pay a prostitute!

You simply have to know where to find the girls, how to pick them up and how to seduce them. Lucky for you, you have Elvis. That is if you don’t let another senior bachelor grab him off the market. Elvis’s services will not be available long. You are not the only man in the world who loves lots of young beautiful girls! Call Elvis now and discuss the details or you can buy yourself a copy of “Are You Lonesome to Night” by Elvis Presley and a bottle of President beer and keep living the way you are living now. Or get up out of that chair and call Elvis now. There is only one Elvis in the world now and if you want a chance to hang out with Elvis pick up the phone now and call him or email him. Just do it. Go ahead enjoy your life. Life isn’t forever and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live the fantasy life most men in the world will only dream about.

This offer is limited to only ONE GENTLEMAN. Will it be bachelor number 1? bachelor number 2? Or lucky bachelor number 3…YOU!

If you are “The Man” who truly loves lots of young, sexy women, you owe it to yourself to see if Elvis means every word that he is saying. See for yourself if he can back up every word! Your buddies back home will never believe your story once you decide to become the sidekick of the senior playboy, Elvis P. King.

PS If by chance you’re happy with your life or you have convinced yourself that you are happy with your life and if you’re not interested in hanging out with Elvis please pass this letter on to one of your friends who would enjoy the bachelor dream life. Good luck either way Buddy!

SincerelyFind Article,
Elvis Preston King
Telephone: 809-581-8648 (my house)
809-570-5100 (the bachelor pad)
My chauffeur’s cellular is 809-459-2390 (His name is Alberto)

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Elvis has always had an eye for girls since he first saw one as a baby. Elvis is a 55 year old senior who doesn’t want to let go of being 18. He has over 1000 sexy girlfriends 18 to 22 years old. He is now looking for just ONE gentleman sidekick to share in his good fortune. You can email him at or visit or

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