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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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How to Manhandle Your Wife

The first technique to manhandle your wife is called the door slam. When your wife is standing with her back towards a door, grab her and slam her back into it. Press yourself against her and start ma...

The first technique to manhandle your wife is called the door slam. When your wife is standing with her back towards a door, grab her and slam her back into it. Press yourself against her and start making out with her aggressively. This can also work with a wall, but works much better with a door. A door will have a some give to it, and the force of the blow will be distributed across her back. You can slam her fairly hard without causing her too much pain. In addition, a door will make a loud noise when you slam her into it, adding to the exciting Element of Dominance. A wall will cause her more pain and will not make as much noise, but can do in a pinch. The second is ripping her clothes off. Literally. This works best with her panties. When she’s particularly turned on and you notice she’s wearing old panties, put your hand inside them and twist them around your hand to make the ripping easier. Then, anchor her down to the bed with one hand, and pull HARD to rip her panties off with the other. Be sure you put some strength into it, as it will take more force to rip them off than you think according to

Also, pull to the side so that the force of the rip goes into her hip, not her sensitive anal and vaginal areas. Like the door slam, this creates the impression of Dominance without excessive pain. Another way to establish Dominance is by pulling her hair. To do this, grab her hair as close to the roots as possible and pull her head wherever you want. This works well when you’re behind her, sucking on her neck. Hold her by the hair while you do this and she’ll love it. This also works well when you’re making her look at you while you’re penetrating her (a great way to increase Emotion, as discussed in the next section). Holding her by the hair to force her to look at you packs a powerful one-two punch of Dominance and Emotion. Finally, spanking your wife is always a great way of manhandling her. If you two start play-fighting with each other, wrestle her so that she is face down beneath you and pull her pants down. Then, throw her over your knee and spank her naked ass.

Spank her HARD - this area of the body has a lot of muscle and fat cushioning, and can take considerable punishment before it hurts too much. If you do it right, the pain won’t be excessive, but it will be very loud and dramatic. Combine spanking with dirty talk to make it even more powerful. Tell her “You’re a bad little woman, and bad little women have to get punished” as you spank her. If she’s more comfortable with you, kick the dirty talk up a notch. Say something like “you’re a dirty little slut, you’ve been thinking about getting screwed all day. Look at how wet your vagina need to be punished for being such a whore.” Spank her a few times, then take the rest of her clothes off and screw her hard and deep. You can also spank her when you’re already penetrating her. The more aroused she is, the more effective spanking is.

This is because as she gets more turned on, spanking isn’t a threat to her Immersion, so she can fully enjoy the increased Dominance that it provides. Spank her while you’re having sex with her on top of you, or in any position where her ass is exposed. A favorite of many women is to be spanked while you are penetrating them doggy style. These are only a few examples of ways you can manhandle a woman; there are many, many more. Anything from throwing her onto the bed, to pinning her hands back as you screw her, to manhandling her into the positions that you want to screw her in will work. Be creative. The techniques that I’ve given you will give you a good start if you have no experience manhandling women in bed. However, once you’ve established a dominant mindset, don’t restrict yourself to those four. Get in touch with what you’re naturally dominant alpha male self truly desires, and you will find yourself manhandling women naturally in a way that you never before thought possible. What’s more, you will find that they love it. DIRTY TALK Sex is much better when you incorporate dirty talk into it. Once you’re used to talking dirty to your wife and have her talking dirty backPsychology Articles, you’ll marvel that you were ever silent during sex.

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