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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Increase Intimacy in the Bedroom

Make some slight suction to suck some esh between your front teeth. Give a little nip/tug, then release. When you're aroused. Endorphins are released into the bloodstream that not only create intense...

Make some slight suction to suck some esh between your front teeth. Give a little nip/tug, then release. When you're aroused. Endorphins are released into the bloodstream that not only create intense pleasure but block pain receptors. This explains why a mischievous nip is more likely to feel good during lovemaking - but it’s still not for everyone. Another thing mouths are great for: asking question - such as "How do you like to be kissed?"

Back up to the lips to nibble Take your lover’s bottom lip and trap it between your teeth. Twist it slightly then use a nip-and-nibble, suck-and-tug motion. Do the same to the top lip. Nibble in the corners, to the side, and smack in the center. The top lip is more difficult to get to so you might need to reposition yourself. Try kissing upside down. Stand behind them while they’re sitting on the couch. They tilt their head back, you lean over them to kiss so your faces appear upside down to each other.

According to Tantrics and Taoists, the upper lip is the sexiest part of a woman. Hindu sex books claim there's a nerve which runs directly from the upper lip to the ditoris! Enough incentive to explore this one, boys?

Open your mouth, lock lips, and move into a traditional kissing motion This bread- and—butter technique basically involves pressing your lips against your partner's and moving your mouths. Think what a sh does with its lips and imitate. The easiest way to vary this kiss is through the pressure. Contrast soft, gentle kisses with harder, passionate ones as you get more excited.

Use your tongue

According to, the absolute worst kissers tense their tongues until they turn into ironing boards, stick it in your mouth, and then leave it in there. which is sooooo erotic. Not. An alternative to the sophisticated tongue-shoved-down-the-throat technique is to hold your mouths close together, lips slightly apart, and take turns letting your tongues flick across the surfaces of your lips. Try moving the tip back and forth, then imitate a figure eight. (Ever wondered how “French kissing‘ got its name? Credit appears to go to the Maraichins, from Brittany, France. They invented moraichinage: a tedinique of kissing “where lovers’ tongues caress the inside of each others mouths for long periods”).


Letting out even a tiny moan/sign/groan of pleasure while your lover's mouth is on yours takes the eroticism through the roof because it creates vibration and brings another sense into focus: sound. Sound is a neglected sense in the bedroom, since most people don't make nearly enough noise!

Put your ngers in your partners mouth

Pull back from kissing, lock eyes, then put one of your ngers in your own mouth to moisten it. Using your fingertips, lightly trace the outline of your partner's lips, until you've circled the whole mouth. Leaving your ngers hovering near the outside corner, lean in for a good kiss, then slide your middle finger inside the mouth, close to the comer. Use your finger to slide along the edges of your tongues and to generally explore what your mouths are doing. A good lover will lick your fingers while they're in there. It sounds weird but try it: it's highly erotic if the atmosphere is hot and heavy enough.

Bite - carefully Hickies are worn with pride when you're 12. Not so when you're forced to make a presentation to a major client, with an audience of 15 staring at the purple love bite on your neck. It doesn't exactly scream "l was lying in bed worrying about this meeting last night" Besides, you can get the sensation without having to leave lasting reminders of lust. instead of sucking away like a vacuum cleanerFree Web Content, take a fold of flesh between your teeth and use your lips and mouth to create slight suction and sensation. Practice on your palm and you'll instantly feel/see the difference between doing this and rhythmic sucking which is what leaves a mark.

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Alexander P is a blogger who studies male sexuality and intimacy. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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