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Monday, February 24, 2020
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One Night Stands

If you do a Google search for one night stand you will get approximately 9,950,000 results. Google placed in the number one spot. The actual article is called “Be Prepared For A One-N...

If you do a Google search for one night stand you will get approximately 9,950,000 results. Google placed in the number one spot. The actual article is called “Be Prepared For A One-Night Stand” by David Stovny. 

David mentioned personal hygiene and gentlemen this is absolutely correct. I bath myself inside and out and in every nook and cranny. I brush and floss like you wouldn’t believe. I use baking soda, peroxide and the best toothpaste I can get my hands on. I use anti-bacterial soap.  

The number two spot for Google goes to How to Land a One-night Stand by the player also at 

The Player has some good suggestions. However, I do not agree with picking up old broads. 

The real life King of one-night stands is your author Elvis Preston King, the king of Attraction. He picks up and seduces more young women in the over 18 class than any other playboy alive or dead. 

So let’s talk about one night stands. According to Elvis Preston King the king of attraction there is nothing more exotic and passionate than a one night stand. The sex, the thrill, the fantasy. No Elvis has never even gotten a simple std. Probably due to his impeccable hygiene and anti-bacterial soap. Elvis has one to three one night stands per day. That’s right I do my love making in the afternoons! 

The main thing I notice about women after I have one-night stand with them is that they have this look on their face that clearly says “I CAN’T BELIVE I JUST DID THAT” ALMOST two-thirds of women have had a one-night stand, but nearly all of them regret it, a survey has found. But gentlemen that is what a man like Elvis Preston King can do when one is born with carnal and natural God given attraction. 

Elvis has also developed a new secret system that allows him to have the fastest and cheapest one-night stands on the planet. His system works anywhere in the world. He particularly likes Euopean women right now. Who knows tomorrow his one night stands may be in the Pacific Islands. Word has it Elvis Preston King is already in the air. 

Young amateur boys need alcohol to fuel up their girls. I don’t even give my girls a cup of coffee. It is all done with animal attraction that the king of one-night stands has.  

Bruce Willis whom your author has had the pleasure of meeting on rare occasions  gives gifts pendants for one night stands ... laughing after allegedly bulk buying the necklaces and embarking on a spree of one night stands… Seems Bruce is a littler smarter than I had previously thought. We were at a few parties together and your author was once caught on camera hanging out with Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stalone. I once heard Bruce say that Tom Arnold Just doesn’t have any talent. Well Tom give old Elvis a call and we’ll get you laid buddy. So much for Hollywood let’s get back to real life pick up artists and one-night stands. 

The truth is your king is obsessed with one night stands and in contrast to the PlayerArticle Submission, Elvis Preston King’s one night stands are usually between 18 and 18. Some countries want to raise the age of consent to at least 21 because they are really pissed when they find out your king laid the government officials daughters. 

Long live one-night stands and let’s hope they don’t raise the age of consent to 21! See you in the movies and say hi to Bruce Willis from Elvis Preston King.

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Elvis Preston King is the world’s most renowned and respected playboy. His job is picking up and seducing classy young women globally for the gentleman conoseiur who realizes that there is more to life than just accumulating money and the same old same old boring wife. You can email him at or visit  and

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