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Saturday, December 16, 2017
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X4 Labs Extender Program

This X4 labs penis extender program is to assist you in developing yourself and is a simple and effective method. You will find it easy and enjoyable. Just let yourself relax and follow the simple pro...

This X4 labs penis extender program is to assist you in developing yourself and is a simple and effective method. You will find it easy and enjoyable. Just let yourself relax and follow the simple procedures.

First make yourself as comfortable as you can by sitting back in a soft easy chair or by lying comfortably on your back in your bed or on a couch. Take a moment to loosen any tight clothing. Take off your shoes so that you will be totally comfortable. Place your arms in a comfortable and relaxed position and begin to relax the muscles of your whole body. Now, as you begin to relax think carefully about the instructions you are reading or hearing. If you are listening to these instructions, or using them from memory, close your eyes so that you’ll be even more relaxed.

While you are relaxed, simply follow the instructions and suggestions that you read or hear or remember. You will find it easy to follow these suggestions and instructions.

As you learn to relax and enjoy these suggestions you will find that you become even more comfortable and have and enjoyable experience. The program is easy and will be natural. It will require no special effort. Just relax and let it happen and the program will work automatically according to

Remember, you can be confident that the program works. You will find it is easy if you just let it happen almost by itself. The key words are: let yourself feel comfortable; let yourself relax and enjoy it; you will find it pleasant and easy.

The next few minutes is a time to relax totally. It is a time to let the stresses of the day fade away and let the daily tensions drain away. Your program will help you to feel more refreshed and feel more effective - even more alive and vibrant. As you relax, you will learn automatically to feel more and more comfortable. You will find each time you listen to or read this program and relax, it becomes easier and easier.

You are already learning to relax and feel more comfortable. You have already learned the first lesson without effort as you learn to relax. In time you will learn to relax quickly and effectively with or without the script.

Now as you lie or sit comfortably, you are beginning to learn to relax quickly, easily, and effectively. You will begin to nd that you breathe more easily and effortlessly. You can learn to relax easily as you say to yourself the words, “ I can relax now and breathe comfortably. This my time to relax.” Just thinking these words helps you to relax. You are learning to use these words as your own personal program. You can even reduce these words to simply “ relax now” to let you drain the tensions of your body away and enjoy deeper and deeper relaxation. Listening to the recording, or reading this script or just mentally thinking the ideas presented here, helps this process of relaxing and enjoying. So say to yourself, “ Just relax now; relax now: relax now”. See how it becomes easier and easier and more and more pleasant.

Now you are learning to relax and feel comfortable. Good. Let the strains and tensions in your body drain away, slip away. You feel more comfortable. Now as your are learning to relax and have pleasant feelings and thoughts, you can enjoy relaxation even more. Just take two long, comfortable breaths and exhale slowly and comfortably. (Pause) Now do this again and feel the tension just draining away. (Pause) Now you can visualize or see in your mind's eye, a peaceful, relaxing picture of yourself as you feel yourself drifting into a deeper state of relaxation. Now take one more breath, slowly and comfortably. Feel your drifting, care free; see your self drifting, oating, more and more relaxed. Enjoy this feeling. Just drift - comfortable, relaxed, and carefree.


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