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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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3 Reasons Why You Must Give Your Ex Space to Get Back Together After a Break Up

Although it may feel as if everything inside of you is wanting to hear your ex's voice, it is important to avoid making critical mistakes that will push your ex away forever. One of the biggest mistakes you must avoid is harassing your ex, pleading, begging and promising everything will be better if they give you "just one more chance".

Almost no break up is ever final but more often than not, exs will ruin their last chance to reunite with their ex by making silly mistakes through impulsive thoughts and irrational behavior trying to get back together after a break up.

3 Reason Why You Must Give Your Ex Space

1. Let Emotions Settle
Many break ups occur during the heat of the moment or through trivial problems escalating into larger problems. More often then not this will cause your ex to use a break up as a warning sign if you will, a desperate final attempt to let you know that things need to change.

It is important to let emotions of the break up settle down and give your ex space so you both can gather your thoughts and work through this period. Do not harass your ex in fear of losing contact, this may push you ex away for good!

2. Understanding What Went Wrong
A typical break up will see one partner begging, pleading or asking their ex to give their relationship "just one more chance", while this may sound like exactly what your ex needs to hear it is not.

There reasons for the break up could range from trivial to monumental, you must understand exactly what went wrong in your relationship before you can make promises to your that "things will change" or "things will be different this time".

This is why giving both you and your ex space will allow you to understand what needs to be mended and fixed before you can reunite therefore give your ex space.

3. Why Do You Want To Be With Your Ex?
This question is one of the most important you will ask yourself as it should be the determining factor if trying to win your ex back is the right thing to do. Do you believe your relationship can be mended? Are you more concerned about being alone than doing that right thing? Do you feel as if you can not live without your ex?

There are many reasons why people break up and just as many as to why they should not get back together, ask yourself why do you want to get back together with your ex?

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