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Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Why must we Forgive people that have done us wrong?

Most people forgive someone that has done something that bothers us a little, but what about cases where the broken trust and emotional pain is very severe, should we really forgive these people who have done us wrong?

For a long time, in fact until just recently I had a horrible pain in my mind and my heart that I harbored for over 30 years. I will not go into detail here about it because that is not needed. But what is needed, is to tell you that I was wrong, very wrong to feel the way that I did.

A relative of mine had done something that troubled me greatly, and caused me to actually hate this person for over 30 years. When I did encounter this person, I would talk to them and act like we were friends, but, in my mind I would always feel the hatred I truly had for them.

I talked with my Brother as well as a cousin of mine, about their feelings about this situation that was causing me bitterness even after all of these years. What I truly believe I was doing, in talking to them about it, I was hoping that they felt the same way about this person that I did, gratefully I was very wrong.

Not only my cousin, but my Brother both told, me, it happened so many years ago, and such things happen in life, and I should just get over it.

I started thinking, maybe they were right, maybe I was wrong for harboring this pain, and most importantly the unforgivness I had all those thirty plus years, towards my own relative.

After sitting and thinking about it, I decided to not only forgive this person for what had happened, but to also forget about it. Of course I cannot truly forget it, but I will feel nothing negative about it from now on, just brush it aside, as one of them things that happen during life's experiences. Forgiving someone who has caused us severe mental pain or some other damage is not easy, but we must forgive them.

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