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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Anyone for Lay Tips?... BEWARE! It\'s Easiy For ANYONE To Offer Horse Laying Tips...

Imagine for a minute... You have this strong interest in horse racing, but more importantly, earning money from horse race betting. You try your hand at picking winner's yourself, because after all, it can't be that hard, right? So off you go, cash in your back pocket, Racing Post under your arm, and the sole aim of putting your local bookie out of business...

Imagine this scenario...

You've got a strong passion for horse racing, but more importantly, earning money from horse race speculation. You try your hand at finding your own winners, after all, it can't be that hard, right? So off you go, cash in your back pocket, Racing Post under your arm, and the aim of putting your local bookie out of business...

You place your 1st bet, and... you actually win. In the back of your mind you begin moving your expected age of retirement forward by 10 – 20 years. For your next bet you decide to raise your stakes... after all, you ARE a 'expert', right? Then along comes your first loser, but being ever the optimist, you 'KNOW' that loss was a one off! So you up your stake even more in an attempt to recoup all your loses...

Do you want me to continue?... I'm sure you know where this is heading, right? So, moving forward past the part were you continue losing, time after time, you quickly realise that this punting game is NOT as easy as it seemed, at face value. Then, one day you're at home alone, with nothing to do... You decide to browse the internet. Out of curiosity, in google you type something like “idiots guide to Lay tips”, agh urm, I mean “lay tips” or “horse laying tips”...

The returned search results excites you tremendously. You forget dreaming about retiring early, this time, you 'KNOW FOR A FACT' it IS gonna become reality. And who could fault you?... I mean, all the sites you've found claim that it's EASY make £50,000+ in the year by following their lay tips. I mean, even your fat dog can pick out a losing horse with a high strike rate, right? Obviously you can, that's how you ended up at this point!

Here's my point...

Anyone can be who they want to be on the Internet, and when you consider that an internet website can be thrown up in as little as 24 hours, this puts the 'unexperienced' punter in a very vulnerable position. That's looking at it from the punters perspective, but what about the so called horse laying tipster's point of view?...

Any smart marketer can clearly see how selling lay tips can be a very profitable business. It's tailor-made... we all know that people want to make money with the least amount of effort. It's easy to pick a horse to lose a horse race, really, in a 14 runner horse race, thirteen horses are going to lose, putting aside dead heats. Unfortunately, because the marketer has probably never backed a horse in their lives, let alone layed one, how can they be giving out lay tips?...

And as for those wild claims - 50k in a year? Well can anyone prove for this? And do they quickly bypass the part about the point that there lay tips have NOT been verified to anyone? How about the staking plan?... Do they even have a proper staking plan that is developed around the worst case scenario of 10 years worth of results?...

It's true! Finding a loser in a horse race isn't difficult, rou're record has proven that, hasn't it? ;-) All joking a side though, what about when the horse actually does win, will you be wiped out. Anyone can pick fifty 100/1 donkeys, but what happens when one of those 100/1 horses win?... DISASTER!

The point is, there are some, not all, unethical individuals out there, certainly on the internet, so you'll do well keeping your wits about you. Be cautious when picking out a lay tips service. Remember, a fancy website does NOT necessarily mean the service is any good.

Minus a betting bank you can't follow ANY lay tips, bad or good, that would obviously mean you've gone out of the game. So, make sure you're in it to win it... take time to pick your horse laying tipster, that way you can follow their lay tips with the utmost confidence.

Good luckPsychology Articles, and happy betting!

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