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Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Does Horse Racing Software Really Make Betting That Easy?

I have been in the horse racing industry for more than 35 years, and am intrigued with the use of technology to help in predicting the outcome of horse races, and other sporting events. This is why I had decided to pen down my experiences using horse racing software in both a punterís and expertís view point. †

As someone who is interested in betting on horse racing, no doubt you've looked at different methods in which to get quality racing tips. Horse racing software products are designed to enable you to pick winners quickly and easily, but is it really that simple?

I have been backing horses for the past 35 years, so without wanting to come across as big-headed I do my fair share about betting on horses.

As I run my own horse racing club (or horse racing tipster service) I am always intrigued when I see technology being used to predict the outcomes of sporting events and so I'd like to write about my experiences with horse racing software, both from a punters perspective, and an experts view point.

What Exactly Does A Horse Racing Software Program Do?

We'd all like to consistently back winning horses, of that there is no doubt. What horse racing software products can do for a punter, is provide you with predictions or percentage outcomes based upon a vast database of statistics, factors and laws of probability.

Some of these products are really complex in their make up, containing a library of horse racing statistics, information and detail dating back five years or more.

They really are very sophisticated in the main, some are better than others but then that's the same when comparing any product or service. The one thing that they are designed to do however, is give you the outcome of any given race. At least thatís the theory.

I Know As I Have Tried Several Of These Products

From my own personal experience of using horse racing software, picking a horse that the program has selected as a sure fire winner is not always as easy as you'd think.

Of course, anyone can look at the favourite of any particular race and say that it has a good chance of winning - that'll be why itís the favourite.

But if you've read some of my other articles, you'll know that back favourites really is a mug's game.

You need to look for value horses, and whilst these horse racing software programs analyse the statistics, trends and previous form methodically, I am not sure that it factors in to the equation the aspect of value.

Intangible Factors Are Critical Too

I've also had experience of other key aspects of a horse race not being used within the algorithms of a horse racing software product - factors such as taking into consideration (or changes to) jockeys. This is an absolutely key piece of information that must be used when assessing a horseís chance of winning a race.

Whilst I found that many of these products took into account the racecourse and whether it is a left-handed track (meaning that the horses run around it anti-clockwise) or a right-handed track (horses run clockwise), they did not appear to consider the going (racing conditions under foot) which is once again, one of the critical issues to use when selection suitable horses that have a chance of winning.

I suppose that there are only a certain number of factors that can be used when considering statistics, trends and laws of probability, and so this is why I prefer to utilise (up to date) information that I can obtain myself when choosing horses for me and my members.

There is no doubt that these programs do hold a wealth of information that is literally available at your fingertips, but I would be a little concerned at some of the gaps in the information that a horse racing software program cannot provideFree Reprint Articles, but then that's just my opinion.

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Cliff Thurston is the owner of Grosvenor Racing Club, which provides horse racing tips to its members. You can also read his renowned horse racing blog for up to date views and news. Cliff has also interviewed several high profile racing experts and these can be accessed via his sites.

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