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Sunday, April 5, 2020
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5 IT Managed Tips to Keep Mobile Data Safe: Untold Guide

Data hacking is at peak. Since mobile data usage is scaled up to 5 billion users, the risk of vulnerability is also going up. To eliminate such instances, you can shelter under managed IT services, like set passcode, set lock pattern, avoid public Wi-Fi, disallow fake messages and remove pan data by resetting before selling your handset.

I’m dead sure you use a mobile phone. The speculation of statista goes as:

The global community underwent a sudden transformation. Surprisingly, its outlook to use media altered. Businesses have got a strong weapon for an easy remote access. Thereby, the round o’clock business activities have started kicking off from everywhere.

The mobile-banking community is likely to exceed 1 billion in 2017. Approximately, 20.4% people do banking using their handset. It implies that more headcount of mobile users will scale online accessibility.

But this evolution has a cruel flip side. Around 72% of mobile banking users are prone to cybercrime. Insecure platforms are drastically turning dreadful. The privacy of sensitive personal data is at stake. Petya and WannaCry have already left its victim buried under hefty losses. The vulnerability is at peak today. Dr. Martin Cooper didn’t premeditate these technology hacks. If he would have sensed such malicious intentions, we might not have handsets in our pocket.

Amid such dreadful hacking threat, remote business activities can’t go on smoothly. A bit of sensitive data’s seepage can push you at the brink of bankruptcy. How can you walk from rags to riches then? Your success may turn to reverse track.

Would you like it?

Or, would you fight with it?

For sure, you would choose the latter path. But just intending for invulnerability is not enough. You can’t battle the vulnerability with mere intentions. You have to take initiative for defeating such attempts. Managed IT solutions can prove the savior of your sensitive business/transactional/ personal data.

What are the technological threats to the mobile data?

  • Internal: This kind of insecurity arises via downloading apps from the app store.
  • External: It’s an external factor that affects due to the negligence and theft of the device.

Let’s dive to in-depth of these causes. I’ve mentioned the answer against each problem due to IT security loop.  

Who does the threat to the mobile security?

Security threatens the mobile data when:

  1. The handset is stolen:

Thievery is a common problem that can hit anyone. Imagine you would have unlocked gmail, net-banking, and other online services. Somebody stole it. Won’t you get caught up in severe difficulties?  Think intensively. 


  • To combat such a sudden bad incident, keep your company’s details, passwords and personal photos/data in the lock.

Which lock: It’s a ‘passcode’ that ensures invulnerability to a certain extent.

However, cracking this code would be a no brainer act for them. But you would have enough time to remove your sensitive data meanwhile.

  • Put different passcode for each account, like Gmail. Use complex pattern or strong password.
  • Enable remote wiping to get rid of third party’s vulnerability.
  • Encrypt your messaging service by encrypting account in your handset. Learn more about the encryption’s role in IT solutions. 
  1. Enable data to go public:

Have you gone through thoroughly the popping message at the time of app downloading?

They are clearly stated about vulnerability. But the word ‘public’ creates a fool’s paradise. As you click on allow GPRS tracking while check-in, the possibility of vulnerability begins to grow up. These are the attempts of spyware.


  • Disable Geo-Tracking of the apps on your handset.
  • Do the same with the social media account if it asks for check-in. Disable it.
  • Update your mobile software timely.
  • Check all the messages that pop as permission to access.
  • Check if your phone is set as Factory Installed. If it is so, disable / switch it off.
  • Install antivirus. 
  1. The handset is sold out:

Do you wipe your mobile data before selling it out? If no, your sensitive details would be at risk. The new owner can get its access easily.


  • Build up the tendency to reset the pan mobile data. It’s the only practice that can barricade hacking.
  • Extract memory card before handing it over.
  • Remove your Google or Gmail or any other social account & net-banking details via desktop access to these accounts.
  1. Fake messages bombard

Phishing is the most dangerous attempt to fool the recipient. The tricksters send false and coaxing messages. In the flow, the user clicks the link and the hacker gets access to his personal details. 


  • Check the sender’s user name and email address. If it sounds meaningless, get off.
  • If it’s a message of winning free gift, jackpot or lottery, confirm its authenticity by ringing on the given number. Google the email or phone details. You’ll get the details.
  1. Using unsecure Wi-Fi:

Have you used the public data services at cafeteria/ restaurants/ hotel/ airport or the marketplace?  They are the public networks that let you connect your device to the public Wi-Fi. It’s the most risky practice that doubles the risk of vulnerability or hacking attempts. Although you would have antivirusArticle Submission, the hacker can tap in via any patch. 


  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi.
  • Discard such sites or URLs that don’t show SSL encryption message.
  • Avoid accessing the sites that don’t have https as the prefix of the URL. 

How can you put a lock to your apps and screen on the handset?

  • Go to settings.
  • Navigate to security.
  • Choose lock.

These settings would be applicable on android mobile phones. The lock settings would differ if you have an iPhone. You can Google and set the lock accordingly.

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James is an IT consultant. In association with many renowned companies, like Eminenture, he gives his best shot in the IT consultancy. He is well aware of IoT & machine learning. This is why he stays current on the upgrades. This is what he utilizes in the IT constancy projects coming to his way.

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