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Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Brief Checklist Of Android App Concepts That Are Likely To Be Rejected By Google Play Store

Google Play store is the official app store for android app developer to publish their app for public use and also for android user to get the safest and best applications for their smart phone.

In August 2010, Google announced it had recorded over 1 billion downloads from the play store, making it the biggest and most used app store. Fast forward 2017, things have even got better for the Google Play store with well over 65 billion app downloads recorded in 2016. Smart phone apps are definitely the way to go in today's world, but Android apps are even on an entirely different level. The popularity of mobile apps has given way to an entirely new generation of entrepreneurs who have hit gold mine developing useful day to day apps for smart phone users. Becoming one of the gold diggers in the world of mobile app development isn't rocket science, the right idea, the ideal budget and a competent developer is guaranteed to deliver success. Competent and budget friendly Android app developers are proving harder to find as their demand keeps increasing.

A good knowledge of the pros and cons, the terms and conditions, the rules and regulations and the market demands will go a long way to ensure all your effort and investments don't go in vain. Just like the Apple app store, Google as the umpire employs a lot of strategy, technology and manpower to stipulate, dictate and regulate what's allowed and what isn't in the app store to avoid exploitation or lawlessness of any sort. Google increasingly demands a high level of commitment to quality and standards from Android app developers. Below outlined in the succeeding sub-headed paragraphs are a list of contents and concepts not accepted by Google Inc on the Play store.


Probably the most censored by Google. Android apps that in any way promote, depict, or display contents or concepts deemed to be violent will be rejected. Popular targets include apps promoting any terrorist groups, their idea or attacks, apps promoting suicides, bomb making or dishing out instructions on how to harm any person animal or destroy valuables, apps with contents depicting violent threats to a person, group of people or government.

Sexually Explicit Contents

Arguably one of the most debated restriction as a few users feel they should have the power to decide interest in these materials or otherwise. However, sources from around Google maintains it is hard or almost impossible to regulate these sorts of contents and even harder to restrict it from minors who also use the Google Play Store. Apps with contents or concepts depicting sexually arousing poses, sexual acts, promoting user-generated sexually explicit contents, marketing (directly or indirectly) sex toys, encouraging or describing bestiality will be rejected.

Child Endangering Apps

Whether psychological, sexual, or violent, any app considered to be promoting, displaying or encouraging contents that pose any threats to minors will be blatantly rejected. In cases of serious or clear violations in this regard, the Google Account of such app publisher will be seized and occasionally, other legal actions are taken against such app publisher.

Harassment and Bullying

Cyber bullying is increasingly becoming a big menace to the internet revolution and the big players in the internet world are stepping up to the challenge in every way possible. An Android application should in no way encourage or facilitate bullying, threats or harassment of any sort to any body or group of people. In cases where an Android app relies majorly or solely on UCG (User-Generated-Content), Google expect the mobile app developers and the app publishers to adopt ideal measure to review the UCG's on their platform. In most cases, posts, photos, videos, comments and other media contents ridiculing or aimed at harassing a person or bodies aren't rejected except in extreme cases when the app is reported by users.

Inciting and Hate Speeches

Google is known to always promote peace in all its online platforms and community, and as such, developers and publishers are expected to direct their energy towards peace promoting apps and refrain from ideas or concepts that promotes otherwise. Apps advocating or encouraging inciting statement against a person, group of people, religion, tribe, race, age, sexual orientation, gender etc. should be avoided.

Sensitive Events

Google frowns and prohibits any apps from attempting to or capitalizing on calamities or tragedy linked to any group or individual, such as flooding, terrorist attacks, health epidemics and the likes. Ideas and concepts in these directions will be countered by Google Play Store moderators.


The Google Play Store is the wrong place to publish Android apps for gambling of any sort. Apps linked to or found to promote online casinos, lotteries, sport betting or gambling of any sort will be flagged and disallowed. Developers try to beat the system by using a different concept and eventually redirecting users to gambling related platforms, which is unfortunately considered as a violation of the play store regulations.

Drug, Guns and Other Illegal Activities

Any app deemed to be promoting or encouraging the purchase, consumption, marketing, distribution or sale of prescription drugs without a prescription or banned items will not be accepted and legal actions may be taken. Alcohol, tobacco and other substances banned for person under a certain age are also restricted from being promoted by apps published on play store. Distribution, sale or tutorials on making ammunition and explosives are also prohibited.

Google monitors compliance in numerous ways, some of which are through set algorithms programmed to flag suspected apps, through employed human moderators that vet suspected apps manually, another means is through reports from users of the Play Store. It is almost impossible to beat all of the vetting process that Google has put in place and as such, compliance is a safe option. The terms and conditions are set in the interest of users and Google takes no prisoner in dishing out sanctions for violation.

There are numerous genuine ideas to work around for an absolutely fantastic and profitable app project. However, if you have a legitimate business that relates to any of the regulated app concepts (e.g. alcohol sales or gambling)Free Articles, it shouldn't stop you from reaching out to the over 900 million active Android users. There are numerous options to explore to work around the restrictions without necessarily breaking the rules. The Google play store is just the official store for android apps and not the only way to reach out to smart phone users. Finding the right Android mobile app developer will keep you safe and guide you from getting banned or wasting resources on a restricted idea.

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