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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Electronic Cigarettes - A Trend Unlikely To Fade Like Cigarette Smoke

The answer to these questions, as well as the answer to Robertís questions about how to continue being a cigarette smoker in a non-smoking world, is simple, and electronic.

Itís about 11AM on a Tuesday morning, and Robert Ledger, who is a kitchen manager at a sports bar in Chicago, walks into the middle of the restaurant and begins to take his first short break of the day. He pulls a cigarette from behind his ear and proceeds to stick it in his mouth and smoke away. He takes a few puffs and then puts it back behind his ear, taking a sip of his coffee, which is the only thing on the table in front of him. So where did he ash his cigarette? There was a step missing tooÖhe didnít light his cigarette? Where is the lighter or the matches? Where are the cigarette ashes? More importantly, where is the smell of smoke or smoke in the air even? Why didnít anyone in the non-smoking restaurant say anything to him?

The answer to these questions, as well as the answer to Robertís questions about how to continue being a cigarette smoker in a non-smoking world, is simple, and electronic: electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have become an incredibly popular alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, and people all over the world like Robert have turned to electronic cigarettes in order to be able to continue smoking in the non-smoking restaurant he works at and in a world thatís predominantly non-smoking. Robert has become only one of the growing number of smokers who have decided to buy that first electronic cigarette kit and become an electronic cigarettes smoker.

Electronic cigarettes are powered by a small battery that powers a tiny atomizer found in whatís called the Ďvaporizingí chamber of electronic cigarettes, which draws in e-liquid, which is made with nicotine and a chemical that allows it to turn into vapor. The smoker inhales the vapor from the e-liquid, and it works just like real cigarettes except that smokers arenít inhaling a bunch of additives and chemicals like they are real cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes also give off a water vapor from one end of the cigarette, which is 100 percent odorless and chemical free, so non-smokers donít breathe in secondhand smoke. Smokers are able to choose e-liquid in different flavors and nicotine strengths, and is contained in a cartridge that is either refillable or disposable. When buying an electronic cigarette kit, smokers choose what kind of cartridge they want to try and are able to test out e-liquid to find what they like best. An electronic cigarette kit is generally the first step smokers take before switching to electronic cigarettes, and after they buy an electronic cigarette kit, they just have to buy supplies like e-liquid to continue smoking.

Robert is only one smoker who has made the switch, and the odds areFree Articles, this trend isnít going to fade like the smoke of cigarettes do.

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