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Friday, February 21, 2020
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Using Evacuated Solar Tube Heating For Your Water

If you were thinking that solar panels are not what you want, you might want to consider solar tube heating for heating your water. This way of collecting solar energy is amazing. Many homeowners are moving away from the big bulky solar panels and going with evacuated solar heating tubes. The tubes are eco friendly and efficient and are more appealing to the eye when you place then on the roof or side of the house. The tubes take cold water, heat it up and then return it to the homes hot water heater. This is a great way to save on home water heating.

How the Tubes Work

Solar heating tubes heat up when the sun shines on them. The controller has a speed pump that pumps the cold water into the tubes and the water is heated by the solar energy. Then the water is moved back to the hot water heater where the water waits for you to call for it when you turn on a faucet. When no water is heating or needed to be heated, the system will automatically shut down. This is the easiest way to heat water without much cost to the homeowner. Solar tube heating is cost effective and easy to use.

Installing the Solar Heating Tubes

You can install the solar tube heating yourself or have an installer do it for you. The tubes must face the sun. It is best to put them in the sunniest area of the house. This would be the southern side of the house. These tubes can be installed on new homes under construction or on existing homes. The tubes come as individual tubes and are just connected to the main frame.

Not Enough Water Usage

Even if you do not use an entire tank of hot water a day, you will still benefit from the solar tube heating. The water in your hot water heater maintains a temperature that you usually set when it is installed. When the temperature starts to drop, the water heater will start up and heat the water back to the desired temperature. This means that even if you are gone for a week or an entire day, you’re using gas or electricity to heat the water. You will save money because, when the water temperature drops, the water will circulate to the solar heating tubes and heat up again, then return to the hot water heater tank. Therefore, you will still save money.

If you have a hot water heater for heating the water in you home, you will do well using solar tube heating. The water in the tank needs to be hot whether you are at home or not, so you are paying for the water to maintain a desired temperature. If you use the solar tube heatingFree Web Content, you will save money on water heating. The solar tubing works very well on a southern side of a home and can keep enough water heated for a family of four or five.

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As we move closer to a global energy crisis and as all eyes turn to becoming more friendly towards the atmosphere, solar heating is becoming more and more common as an alternative source of energy. takes you through some of the aspects of this energy harvesting method.

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