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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Vaping Gave a Fresh Start to My Life

I used to be an early and aggressive smoker. Subsequently, I got transformed into a social smoker and used to smoke when drunk.

I could probably have remained that way and I would’ve accepted my horrible impending death if i hadn’t found Vaping. Everything turned around the day I did and it feels like my life has received a fresh start, a new beginning of sorts.†

It began with a sleek, black Vape Pen called the Explorer from a vape shop in Delhi and I really liked it for it mimicked the feeling of smoking a cigarette. My brother and I, then moved onto the bulkier, uglier devices to satiate our desire to vape at more power and found another vape shop.†

It wasn’t long before I was vaping constantly and I felt much better. Starting right from the moment I woke up, on the way to office, in gatherings, in corridors, etc. It’s gotten to a point that when we visit our friends, they exclaim, “the vaping brothers are here!” It used to be really frustrating when we ran out of Vape juice and we’d frown upon each other and hurl accusations and run to a vape shop near me.†

We’ve become more efficient and stock our favorite vape juices well in advance. After trying bulky mods, I’ve returned to a swift device called the Brute from the same brand as that of the Explorer - Evolve Vapors which has a vape shop in Delhi near me. I find myself quite content with the device and have been using it for a while. The difference with Vaping is that I didn’t even get myself tested for anything to check if it’s harming me in any way and to be completely honest, I didn’t do it because I never felt the need to. I never got any usual smoker symptoms where you’d wake up with a cerebral pain and sticky teeth. There is a lot of research being done and that should continue so that we can know for sure if vaping has any long lasting impacts on our health.†

Vaping is considerably better than smoking if I rely on the signals my body gives me. Nicotine addiction is something I should probably focus cutting down upon. I feel extremely positive and believe I can do it. I’ve had friends who’ve cut down on Nicotine from 18 mg to 3 mg and even my brother is down to 6 mg. I’m still at 12 mg but I’ll get there and the vape shop in Delhi†I frequent is helping me reach there. It’s a feeling I never had when I was smoking.†

Public Health England considers it 95% safer than cigarettes and FDA is planning to cut down on Nicotine in cigarettes to make them less addictive and promote harm reduction techniques like vaping. There’s a great deal of buzz around this and it can prove to be a positive move. India, on the other hand is much slower in adapting to the change that is already widespread in the west. While you’d easily find people vaping on the streets in california, you’d be a specimen if you’re vaping in a public place in Delhi.†

Although this is my personal opinionFree Web Content, I feel a technology that is constantly saving lives deserves much more credit than it gets in this country. Vaping has the potential to drag a nation of heavy smokers out of huge losses in public money owing to tobacco.

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Aditya Mishra is a young writer currently enjoying work at EvolveVapors USA. He writes articles on health, fitness, lifestyle and more. Check out links to find vape shop in Delhi near me†and†best selling vape juices†recommendations.

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