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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Various Benefits of Wearable Devices for Real-Time Monitoring

Wearable technology has grown to offer diverse uses ranging from personal to professional tasks. Considering the business aspect, wearable devices can be used for CRM, employee timesheets or even tracking project progress. Moreover, on a personal level these wearable devices can be utilized to make a variety of tasks easier and quicker.

Prosperous Uses of Wearable Technology

With time, the efficient use of wearable technologies in medicine and health care has become a positive step towards development. Under telemedicine, the popularity of biomedical clothing is expected to play a crucial role. Moreover, the high demand for wearable watches has risen due to its capability to measure body stats in real-time.

Interestingly, Google is using the idea of wearable technology Industry and healthcare to establish a vibrant platform. The concept of smart contact lenses has been designed for people with vision impairments or diabetes sufferers. What are the benefits? Honestly, the advantages of these contact lenses are focused on measuring glucose levels in diabetes patients. Moreover, they also function to restore natural focus for patients who wear glasses. Apart from this, Google is also pushing itself for researching into cancer with wearable technology. If the tech-giant explores a way to help cancer patients with wearable technology, it would turn out to be a great invention which would be highly appreciated on a global level.

Benefits of Smart Watches

Wearing a smart watch has grown as a trend with many people opting for it to keep a track of their health and fitness. Let us check how a smart watch can prove profitable for the human race.

Steps Tracker: According to statistics, covering 10,000 steps a day is seen as one of the simplest ways to improve your health. It is important to know that, smart watches comprise of built-in pedometers, that makes it easy to keep a track of the number of steps covered.

Workout reminders: Exercising/workout is important for every individual. However, the toughest part of working out is actually fixing the schedule as part of your habit. Managing workout reminders is a sensible way to keep your body in motion. Your wearable smart watch would help you arrange the reminder for your benefit.

Sleep monitoring: Sustained lack of sleep can cause long-term negative consequences linked to the human body. As per the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than a third of adults living in the United States receive less than 7 hours of sleep a night. How can a smart watch help in this case? A smart watch when worn at night, can record sleep patterns. These talented watches will let you know the number of hours you have slept, along with the precise figure of uninterrupted hours. With the availability of such statistics, you can work to fix goals for correcting the quality as well as the quantity of sleep for yourself.

Interests of Smart Clothing

In 2014, smart clothing went popular as the production rose higher all across the globe. Currently, in 2017, it is anticipated that this variety of smart wearable would expand its market reach to cater a large customer population. According to reports, the total shipments of smart clothing will hike from 968,000 units in 2015 to 24.8 million units until 2021.  

The various advantages of smart clothing include:

Data Accuracy

Most smart shirts or tops possess the same reliable EKG heart rate monitoring technology that is used in chest straps. The placement of smart clothing on your lower body rooted with motion sensors can assist in analyzing the part of the body which experiences the maximum motion as you run.

Additional Data

One of the prime advantages of smart clothing is that the section being monitored is increased. Hence, the recorded biometric data become grows richer. What does it mean? It points out that such wearable devices technology moves further from motion and heart rate tracking, and assists to add data on factors such as respiration rate. Presently, Hexoskin and OMSignal's ranges are regarded as an efficient smart clothing variety which comprises of breathing rate sensors. It presents the user an analysis of how hard the lungs have been functioning after wearing it.

Health Support

Smart clothing variety such as the Owlet Smart Sock (monitor for babies), takes the help of a similar pulse oximetry technology available in hospitals to monitor heart rate and to check the breathing of the little one. AlsoArticle Submission, Smart Bloomer Tech's heart disease detecting smart bra is another prominent innovation for monitoring health both at the hospital and at home.

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