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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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How You Know When You Are In A (healthy) Relationship

How do you know when you are in a healthy relationship? Is it simply about the outward signs you give to the world? Is donning matching couple T-Shirts the answer, or is there something even deeper and more personal? While it's always a good sign when things are clicking outwardly, let's discuss the emotional aspects.

After all, it is your emotions that often dictate your level of happiness in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. With that said, here are five signs that you are in a relationship that is befitting to your needs and attention:

You can't wait to see the other person: When a relationship is kind of new, it is easy to get wrapped up in when you will see the other person. However, it becomes a fleeting feeling the longer you stay together, unless you have something truly special. Do you still get excited about going home when that last hour of work rolls around because you know that you will get to see your partner? Are weekends something you look forward to for the express purpose of spending as much time with that person as you can? If so, it's a sign that your relationship has a spark beyond the physical.

You have fewer thoughts about other members of the opposite sex: Maybe you used to love flirting, but now that special someone has got you putting all of that stuff at the back of your mind. If you would rather be with them than hitting on someone of the opposite sex (or dodging advances) than you are in a good position to say you have a healthy relationship.

You value them even more than you do your alone time: Everyone loves having "me" time every now and then. But would you rather your loved one share your "me" time? Even if your answer is yes, you should still make time for individuality. Nevertheless, it is a good sign when you find yourself eagerly looking forward to the reunion.

You still try to impress them: Are you still scrubbing down your bathroom before she comes over? Do you want to look your best before you see her? Are you still eager to open doors and take pride in yourself and your work? One of the greatest tragedies of most long-term relationships is that one or both parties too easily give up on placing their best foot forward.

You are in sync: Do you both have the same goals? When you examine the future, do you picture yourself with the other person still there? If you can say yes to these questions, then you know you are in a healthy relationship. Are your core beliefs centered around the same thing? Do you envision yourself as a team when it comes to business, finance, and any possible children? These are the questions you need to answer affirmatively before you have a relationship that can truly stand the test of time.

It's nice to show other people the couple T-Shirts as a sign that you are on the same page, but it's not enough. In order to have something you can be proud of that will lastArticle Search, you need to value what makes the other person tick and make sure that they feel the same way.

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