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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Natural Cure For Frigidity In Women - Treat Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual involvement between couple is the demand of nature. It paves the way for the next generation to come in to being and also provides great pleasure to partners.

Sexual involvement between man and woman is the demand of nature. It paves the way for the next generation to come in to being and also provides utmost elemental pleasure to partners. It also increases the proximity between partners and love burgeons. But lovemaking become enjoyable most when both partners participate in it actively and are able to meet each other's sexual needs. But lovemaking is not always so silvery and pleasant. Sexual dysfunctions make lovemaking a tedious affair, devoid of pleasure. Frigidity or lack of lovemaking desire is a common dysfunction that preys woman and takes a toll on her love life. If a woman is sexually unresponsive and lacks lovemaking potential, her man may go to the extent of walking out of the relationship. No woman would want it. They are thus desperate to get rid of their sexual coldness or frigidity.

A frigid woman lacks libido or desire for lovemaking. She fails to experience pleasure in lovemaking. The penetration in her case is usually painful due to lack of vaginal lubrication. Frigidity may stem from psychological or physiological factors or a combination of both. 

Some of the causes of frigidity are: stress, conflict with partner, unpleasant sexual experience in childhood or adolescence, lack of knowledge regarding sexual techniques, depression, anxiety, inferiority complex due to poor body image, lack of sexual confidence, gynecological diseases or surgical procedure in the genitals or breasts, fear of painful penetration, alcoholism, drug addiction, underlying diseases like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, coronary arterial disorder, neurological disorder, infertility, anemia, cancer etc, medications like antihistamines, antidepressants, mood-stabilizers, tranquilizers, hypertension medications, chemotherapy drugs etc, decline in estrogen levels during menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Frigidity in woman is curable through natural means. The natural cures or remedial measures are quite effective. They are safe and free from side effects and this is certainly a great advantage. Some of the important natural and herbal cures for frigidity may be discussed as follows:

1. Wild yam, a natural aphrodisiac has produced proven results in curing frigidity in women.

2. Kava Kava is an effective natural cure for female frigidity.

3. Black cohosh also cures female frigidity naturally.

4. Horny horseweed is a useful natural cure for female frigidity. It allows a woman to achieve multiple orgasms and makes lovemaking pleasurable.

5. Consumption of ginseng along with caffeine does away with frigidity in woman.

6. Damiana extract are very good for treating frigidity in woman. It helps in the proper functioning of female reproductive organs and improves libido.

7. Consumption of asparagus cures frigidity and enhances lovemaking desire.

8. Intake of chive helps a woman to get rid of frigidity. The minerals in chive stimulate the reproductive organs and control frigidity.

9. Oil is perhaps the best solution for female frigidity. Consume adequate amount of oil in food. Olive oil, sesame oil and soy oil are excellent for curing frigidity in woman.

10. Pumpkin seeds, sprouts, alfalfaHealth Fitness Articles, fresh eggs and chocolates should be included in diet to get rid of female frigidity.

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