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Monday, November 30, 2020
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Al Link
Tantra Expert

Premium Author Al Link


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Know that you are part of this wondrous vastness. The universe or cosmos contains everything that exists. The universe is believed to "vibrate" out of "strings." According to Dan Falk, "Each string is...
Generally your consciousness works to create more of what you pay attention to. Be careful what you pay attention to because you are going to get more of it.
This exercise forces you to rely on senses other than sight. You might be amazed at how much you rely on sight for so many things. You might also be amazed at how many things you can do for yourself w...
If your consciousness can leave the body, what does that mean about death? If the body dies, can consciousness just leave the body and not return?† Each evening as you prepare to sleep, give your de...
Your words spoken with sincerity and deep feeling will be enough, but optional items can add power, excitement, and fun to the exercise, bringing you deeper into the mystery. This simple ceremony ma...
Yoga means union. Yoga postures work your body, focus your mind, and build your life force. When done in tune with a partner, they also strengthen your heart connection.
Just saying "I want you, I need you, I love you" is far less powerful and moving than if you tell him why and how. Could there be any sentences sweeter than these to hear your lover speak?
When you are trying to concentrate on something but notice you are drifting off to think about something else, use this technique to learn to stay focused. This simple process will enable you to qui...
This exercise is a playful way to learn to surrender to each other. Ask your lover permission to watch as she does things that might ordinarily be completely private.
Give your lover a nice and wonderful treat. Lengthen this exercise by adding a foot massage and/or acupressure treatment to help your lover feel absolutely wonderful.
How do you hide from hurting? Although pain and hurt are unavoidable for anyone who is really alive, suffering is unnecessary and avoidable.
A committed, lifelong relationship with another human being is a simple, obvious, and profound source of happiness, but relationships ring in low on many couplesí list of priorities. Become aware o...
The primary task of the relationship superhero is not to seek out evil and destroy it, nor to dispense justice, but rather to enter unreservedly into a covenant of love. The warrior-lover is certain...
This fun-filled exercise awakens you once again to the mystery of sound, touch, smell, and taste. Be daring and playful but also be respectful.
This exercise also develops a common vocabulary to help you describe body parts and touch techniques. Take turns showing each other how you like to be touched.

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