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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Alison Grimston
Holistic Doctor and Animal Healer

Premium Author Alison Grimston

Sussex, England

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Alison Grimston is a holistic doctor and animal healer with a website that helps to inform the public about complementary animal therapies while connecting animal therapists worldwide.


What causes snoring? This article includes a few of the causes, including rhinitis, colds and sleep apnoea. Some treatments for snoring, both natural and medical, are also discussed.
Laminitis or "founder" is a common illness known about by horse lovers from an early age, as native ponies on pasture that is too lush are common victims. It is caused by inflammation of the laminae i...
As our dogs get older we may notice clouding in their eyes, and a tendency to bump into things. In this article you can discover what cataracts are, and what you can do to help after your vet has made...
A retinal detachment occurs if the layer of light-sensitive cells is pulled away from the back of the eye. In animals, this problem tends to prevent late in the illness, as a dog or cat cannot let us ...
Copyright (c) 2008 The Naturally Healthy Pet.comAnimal health care is complex, and the central nervous system in particular is still largely uncharted territory. Diseases of the nervous system are, fo...
Allergic conjunctivitis is usually caused by airborne allergens, and although difficult to cure there are several ways to minimise its impact. This article discusses both conventional and complementar...
Horses and ponies kept outside in muddy conditions are susceptible to Mud Fever, which usually occurs in the winter or late spring. Prevention is the best cure, but should your horse or pony be affect...
Colic causes fear in the heart of many a horse or pony owner, but not all types are dangerous. This article outlines why colic happens, and ways to treat it from calling the vet (every time) to comple...
Horse flu is common and often severe, with affected horses needing a 6 week period off work. This article discusses how it occurs as well as both conventional and complementary therapies.
Urinary problems in cats are relatively common, especially where dried foods are fed. This article outlines the types of problems that cats have, as well as conventional and complementary remedies to ...
Diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes is a chronic endocrine (hormone) illness characterised by high levels of glucose in the blood. It is seen in dogs and cats as well as humans, and in each species is...
African horse sickness is a potentially fatal, untreatable illness of equines, and cases are being found further north with global warming. If a case of this notifiable disease were to be found in the...
Diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes is a chronic illness in which there are high levels of glucose in the blood. It is seen in dogs and cats as well as humans, and is commoner when overweight. There i...
In this article, I have discussed the physiology of false (or phantom) pregnancy, and suggested ways in which we can help bitches to cope with the pressures involved.
Dogs, like humans, are living longer than ever before. In the wild, dogs would have died young, as soon as they were no longer able to find their own food and defend themselves against predators. As o...

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