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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Catherine Behan
Relationship Expert • • Author • Inspirational Speaker • Seminar Leader • Internet Advice Columnist

Premium Author Catherine Behan

San Diego, CA

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Catherine Behan, M.S. is an Author, Relationship Expert, Seminar Leader, Inspirational Speaker and Internet Advice Columnist. For more information on The Soul Mate Process plus a free audio download check out


Bless my man’s heart! He brings me flowers, after nearly 4 years together. You know that special kind of flowers….the for-no-reason flowers. I was on the phone (happens a lot) and he came home afte...
From The E Mail Bag Andreya writes: “I do want to be with my body/mind/soulmate. I don’t remember being abandoned by girlfriends while I was dating someone nor when I broke up with him. I found my ...
I Hate When He Is Mad at AnyoneIsn’t it interesting how well you get along with a new man? My husband and I still enjoy a wonderful rapport but in the beginning we saw each other in such a good ligh...
I have a beautiful wind chime hanging outside my studio. We have a breeze every afternoon and the sound is heavenly. This particular chime contains the notes of Beethoven’s Ode to...
How many times do we hear it? “Sure, after I trained him to be the perfect boyfriend, he breaks up with me and goes to be perfect for someone else.” Has this happened to you? We can learn a lot fro...
Why is it that when I need him the most, my man is not able to relate to what I am trying to explain to him?Why is it that he gets that glazed over look on his face when I say, “Could we talk about so...
As the meeting went on…past the scheduled ending time, I felt my stomach clutch into a knot. Knowing my man was waiting for me and yet wanting to stay until the end of he meeting, I found myself feel...
“Hey Darlin’, want to drive down to the beach and take a walk?” “Not really,” he says keeping his eyes focused on the sports section. “It is a beautiful afternoon and it will be c...
I love men. I really do. But one of the things that is toughest for me is when the man in my life thinks he is right when I am pretty darn sure that he is not. It has been a challenge to pick my b...
The Answer May Surprise You. The disappointment I hear in the voices of the women who are lonely and looking for romance in their lives is haunting. “Why do I keep attracting the jerks and losers?” ...
Not even now. Yes, I have found a man who is more that I ever hoped for and yes, I am ridiculously happy these days but truth be told, I live very carefully most of the time. The age old thought ha...
Are You Finally Ready For A Fresh Start “I can’t stop thinking about him.” “I want to move on but he is in my mind night and day.” “Maybe he is the one and I should wait until he changes his mind.”...
Surprising Key to Allowing More Love In Your LifeWhy is it so easy to see what others are doing wrong, and so difficult to see our own errors in judgment? Why are we born with this self defeating ten...
I know this will come as a real shock to you…..but….some men think they are always right!!I don’t know what it is…but there is something deep in the hearts of many men that will not let them admit th...
In Bolzano Italy, there is a museum that houses the remains and belongings of an ancient man called affectionately by the Italians, “Frozen Fritz.” Seriously, this Ice Man was discovered in 1991 by ...

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