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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Clyde Boom
Director, Technical Services

Premium Author Clyde Boom

New York, USA

Personal Web site:

Memorable Quotes:

Translating Linux geek-speak into clear steps for frustration-free mastery.

Brief biography:

Clyde Boom, Author and Expert Trainer with 20+ Years of Training Successes. Explains intricate technical matters in an easy-to-understand, non-technical manner, with tens of thousands of software and hardware learners into masters.

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New to Linux? Need to start your Linux Training? Here's why it's so important to learn Linux commands. 5 Benefits of Learning Linux Commands for Linux System Administration Tasks
Linux videos show you how to use Linux - step-by-step! They are an excellent, fast and easy way to learn Linux. Here's how to run Linux video tutorials - online in Linux.
As part of your Linux training, you need to understand Linux terms to be able to understand Linux concepts. And there are several Linux terms that are the same or similar. This "Linux Concepts ...
When you are a new Linux user needing to get Linux training, it is often confusing to decide what to focus on. But Learning Linux commands is definately the way to go! 3 Methods of Linux System ...
When you start learning how to user Linux, you will soon discover that there are several Linux terms that are similar, the same, or somehow related. For example, the terms: root user, root director...
To learn Linux concepts and get Linux training that you can understand, you need to understand Linux terms - the Linux "lingo". By learning Linux "geek-speak" (terms) you'll learn how to use Linux!...
Are you just new to Linux and confused about which Linux distribution to learn? Here's the great news! Linux commands are virtually identical from one Linux distro to another. So, when you learn...
When you are a new Linux user starting to get Linux training, you may become frustrated by Linux documentation that uses several different terms to refer to the same thing - or to a similar thing. ...
There is free Linux documentation available on the Internet - but what's your time worth? Can you really afford to use free Linux training materials? Learning How to Use Linux with Free Documen...
Linux video tutorials show you step-by-step how to use Linux. They are an excellent, easy and fast way to get started at learning Linux. Get the Linux training you need - online or on CD - the ...
The terms root user, root directory and the home directory of the root user are similar and related. By learning Linux terms you'll be able to understand Linux concepts and more easily learn how to...
You can set up Linux to 1) boot to a console, also known as a virtual terminal - or 2) boot to a Linux desktop. To use Linux, you must log in to Linux. You log in as a user at a login prompt at a c...
Beware of loosing your shirt going to a Linux training course taught in a classroom. You just might regret spending your hard-earned cash - and likely won't be able to get it back! 7 Reasons NOT...
When you are new to Linux, you can make learning Linux easier by using a Linux desktop. This is because it's easier to run Linux software programs and run Linux commands from a Linux desktop. G...
One of the most difficult things to learn about Linux is the terminology - the many different Linux terms. Linux has it's own lingo (and slang language), which includes lots of wonderfully interest...

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