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Monday, June 24, 2019
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Craig LePage

Premium Author Craig LePage

Cornelius, North Carolina, USA


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Craig is the President of Fitness Programs Plus and a website that offers printable fitness programs, audio interviews/clips, video clips and a wealth of other information to the fitness enthusiast. Craig is a well respected professional of the fitness industry who has authored his own fitness and nutrition system as well as co-authoring the golf exercise book (Play Better, Longer – Golf). Additional work includes writing for a number of newspapers, magazines and websites. Craig has been dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals for almost 15 years.


Although many back pain claims are made due spinal disc damage, osteoporosis, arthritis or infection it is often that the pain is not caused by any of these factors. There may be something that you ca...
So what do you think? Would you like an increase in pay, new self confidence and everlasting energy to go along with it? Most people wouldn’t mind a little bit more of each of these. In this article I...
Many people live day to day with unnecessary muscle and joint pain.  Most of the time you will hear people say, “I’m just getting old!” In many cases it doesn’t have to be that way.  The ach...
In addition to effecting tennis players, tennis elbow effect’s a great number of people who are involved in activities outside of the sport of tennis. Find out what can be done to ease this pain and i...
What keeps people from starting an exercise program? More often than not people try to improve their body without ever even trying to first improve their state of mind. Ones state of mind is a vital p...
When it comes to exercise, resistance training is often overlooked. Resistance training is an essential part of any fitness program and has many amazing benefits.
Time and time again we see today’s golfers out on the driving range trying to better their game. Whether it’s working their short game or driving the long ball, hours upon hours are spent on trying to...
In (Part 1) of this article I discussed how muscle imbalance can often keep a golfer from achieving his or her true playing potential. Even know these imbalances are quite common they often go untreat...
Tennis is one of the most physically demanding non-contact sports that one can choose to play. It requires multi-directional movement, intense acceleration, deceleration, balance and power. Find out h...
When embarking on a weight loss program people will almost always focus on just one or two of the seven necessary components needed to achieve their goal. In order to maximize ones weight loss results...
As we look around at the current generation of children, one can notice more and more that child obesity is becoming a serious problem. A combination of technology, alternative forms of entertainment ...
Millions of dollars are spent each year by people looking for a way to lose weight. Whether it is a magic pill, a super duper piece of exercise equipment or the latest fad diet time and time again peo...
What I am about to reveal to you can make a drastic change in the out come of your fitness results. Many of us are willing to dedicate a decent number of hours each and every week to our workout plan....
The seven simple stretches listed in this article will increase both power and accuracy which will result in strokes off of your game. Common postural distortions caused by tight muscles keep the aver...
1. Energy In compared to Energy Out……In order to lose weight you must consume less energy (food) than you expend. This is true science and is true for everyone. This is based on the Law of Thermodynam...

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