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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Doug Hoover

Premium Author Doug Hoover

San Diego,CA

Personal Web site:

Memorable Quotes:

You reap what you sow and you can't sow what you don't know, so seek and you will find what you need to know to sow. Doug Hoover

Brief biography:

Douglas C. Hoover; CEO of Aquamedia Corp, Master Waterfall Builder, architect, engineer, freelance writer, author, designer & builder of over 2,000 waterfall and ponds in CA (30 years). Author of "Waterfall and Pond Construction Manual" and developer of the "Water Feature Digital Design Library 4.0" Free downloads, no sign in-


Any solar oven can be converted into a dehydrator with the use of a solar oven dehydrator kit. Solar ovens cook the food rather than dry it because of the high temperatures that they reach. But a sola...
Half the world's population is dependent upon a wood, coal, bark, charcoal, grass or even dried dung for fuel for cooking their daily meals, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). They also...
I saw my first solar oven a year ago. My first reaction was amazement and general disbelief that a box with attached shiny reflectors could capture enough sunshine to develop a cooking temperature of ...
What is a solar oven? It is an oven that uses the sun's energy to cook, bake, steam or broil all types of food, from pies, bread, cakes and cookies to barbecue, roasting an 18 pound turkey or pot-roas...
If you have not heard of solar or sun cooking†and baking, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Cooking with the sun has been around for quite some time.†The energy of the sun is constant, universal and...
Our environment can have as much impact on our health as food and water. Sun ovens can prepare your food with the power of clean, pure sunlight. †As a result,†you and your environment will be healthie...
"In the time it takes most people to read this sentence, the world will have used up (forever) about 8,000 barrels of oil - 336,000 gallons; at 1000 barrels per second, it's going fast. Solar cooking ...
Which is more versatile, a solar dehydrator or a solar oven? Many solar ovens are sold with the promise that, besides cooking food by the energy of the sun, you can also dehydrate food. Here is the se...
A solar oven and an RV is a match made in heaven. My wife and I have been full-timing for about three years now and are still learning new lessons about adapting to this unusual lifestyle. A major env...
Sun cooking with solar oven/cookers is an energy-saving, pollution-free way to do your share in reducing the effects of "global warming" and "climate change" by taking advantage of the creations great...
Disasters are happening more often every year, it seems. Are you and your family prepared for the worst? Take some life-preserving steps toward preparedness today.
Bought any powdered eggs or dehydrated milk lately? Why not? These would be two very useful items on a survivalistís grocery list, followed by canned meats, flour, wheat, rice, beans, canned cheese an...
Dehydrated food is the perfect food for survival and preparedness. Many dried foods need to be cooked, but stoves and grills require fuel. The perfect fuel is one that never runs out and takes no spac...
Solar Ovens are becoming the number one most popular survival tool available today. Camp stoves require fuel, gas or propane, and you can run out. The solar oven uses the energy from the sun and you n...
Solar Ovens are becoming the number one most popular survival tool available today. Camp stoves require fuel, gas or propane, and you can run out. They use the energy from the sun and you not only sav...

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