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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Dr. Marlene McMillan

Premium Author Dr. Marlene McMillan

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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He who pays, controls. It is a simple phrase with huge repercussions. If control follows money, then those who receive money from others are under the giver's power and control. Nothing is free.
A nation is only as strong as the character of its people. In a speech just before his historic inauguration as the United State's 44th President, Barack Obama said, "never forget that the true ch...
The problem of poverty has persisted from the earliest days of humanity. Thousands of solutions have been proposed from socialism, welfare, charities, and aid - but the problem still rages on unabated...
What is the difference between an employee and an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs control their own success. Employees depend on the success of others.
How do we define our boundaries? Nearly all would recognize that some kind of limitation on human behavior is required. Clearly, boundaries must be set for personal life, family life, community life, ...
Your mind is a garden. It is comfortable to think that you are the only gardener of your mind, but in reality, there are thousands of people, organizations, programs, and companies scrambling to plant...
Everything that happens to you is the result of an idea. And ideas only come in two categories: untrue, and true.
Anyone claiming to believe in absolute truth is a fundamentalist... right? Not necessarily. American society and government was founded on the belief that truth exists.
Pluralism is one of the buzzwords of the 21st century, used alongside words like multi-culturalism, post-modernism, relativism, and globalization. Many think of the term as something positive that...
Our lives our interconnected. Our successes are results of our many parts working together, and our failures never happen in a vacuum. Successful people live balanced lives by keeping their emotional,...
Everybody has a story that breaks the heart, but have you ever noticed that those that have overcome the worst trials and tribulations are sometimes the most joyful? What is their secret? What sets ap...
Principles set the course of a nation, and they are the pillars on which everything else is hung. Principles carry a nation. Without them, there is no direction, no support, and no stability. A govern...
It is essential that all people around the world learn the principles of liberty. Those seeking to usurp liberty know that the best way to keep somebody a slave is to make them think they are free.
The ideas that surround liberty are so life-changing, so profound, and so important that they affect everything you do. Your view of Liberty or lack thereof has already affected everything tha...
Government cannot provide rights to the people; it can only protect their transcendent, natural rights by protecting their liberty. The more external constraints, the more liberty is eroded in society...

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