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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Dr. Rita Louise
Author, Speaker, Medical Intuitive & Radio Show Host

Premium Author Dr. Rita Louise


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Dr. Rita Louise, Ph D is a Naturopathic Physician, Medical Intuitive & founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics and the host of Just Energy Radio. Let Dr. Rita assist you bringing health, healing and wholeness back into your life. Visit or listen live online to Dr. Rita on


When we are congruent with ourselves, our inner world matches our outer world.  We are our "authentic self."  Being our authentic self is about reconnecting with who we are.
Growing up, as a child of the 60’s, peace, love and harmony were the words being chanted by the hippies, flower children and all who questioned authority and were against the Vietnam War. I remember t...
Hot flashes are characterized by a sudden feeling of heat often accompanied with a reddening of the face and profuse sweating. For some, it is as mild as a brief warm flushing of the face and skin. Fo...
The adrenal or “stress glands” are small, triangular shaped glands located on the top of the kidneys. Their function is to prepare the body’s resources to run or fight through the releasing of specifi...
... as it may be, we have all suffered from ... at one time in our life or another. ... to the National Health ... Survey as many as 3 million ... suffer from frequ
Like the ... veins and ... that ... blood through our bodies, our bodies also contains an ... drainage system that returns water and proteins from our tissues back to the blo
Is it the dawning of the Age of ... For years, ... have ... that humanity is readying itself for a golden age, a so called new age that is right around the corner just waiting to r
Everyone at some point in time has ... some form of ... Often, what we notice is a bitter, sour or acid taste in our mouths. At times, we may feel as if ... digested foods or liqu
Asthma can be a serous and often ... ... that is typified by a ... of the chest, wheezing and ... ... Asthma is made up of two ... ... ... an
The ... is a small ... organ that sits on the right side of our bodies just beneath the liver. Its primary function is to store and secrete bile. Bile is a ... fluid produced
Colic is a common problem in infants and an even more ... ... for parents to deal with. ... 10 to 30% of all infants born have colic. If an infant is going to ... colic
When most people think of ... they think of the waxy fat-like ... that is found in many of the foods we eat. Often feared, the truth is that ... is needed by the body for a numb
Natural Care For Varicose VeinsBy Dr. Rita ... ... system is made up of a complex web of arteries and veins. Our arteries carry oxygen rich blood to the cells of our bodies, while the ve
The prostate is a walnut sized gland that sits just below the bladder in men and is an integral part of the male ... system. Made up of two lobes and enclosed by a layer of tissue, the prosta
At the turn of the century, ... ... with food changed ... with fast or ... foods becoming a staple for many. Woman alone, account for a ... ... of conve

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