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Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Premium Author ELI GONZALEZ

Naples, FL


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How Bad Do You Want It?

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Eli Gonzalez has been an entrepreneur his whole adult life. He's is now a Full-Time Internet Network Marketer living in the Naples, FL Area.


You know by now that I usually speak about internet network marketing.  The idea doing things old school MLM is not even appealing to me or most people.   But there are some trends that seam like we h...
The truth has to be told!  The days of dropping off business cards at gas stations, leaving flyers off at a Wal-Mart parking lot, putting up signs at light poles and stop signs, making a list of 100 c...
Have you ever watch a basketball game. When one of the players of a visiting team gets a free throw... what does the crowd do?  They make a lot of noise and if you are seated right behind the basket y...
Several Weeks ago I wrote an article on 10 Easy Steps To Automatic MLM Recruiting. It described how to combine online affiliate marketing and network marketing together to form the future of Network M...
Several Weeks ago I wrote an article on 10 Easy Steps To Automatic MLM Recruiting.  Then I thought some people would need it broken down a little more so I this is the 2nd installment of a multi-part ...
Science has recently proven that your thoughts become things, in other words your most dominant thoughts will determine the direction of your future.   That means that having a positive outlook on lif...
Should You Brand Yourself to Promote Your MLM Business?  A most definite YES!  Almost every leader I have come across in network marketing has found a way to brand themselves.  Why is that?   Branding...
Become the Expert and See People Flock To You...  Now, if you come to the same prospect as an expert in your field, they will look at you completely different.  They will look at you as an expert that...
The first  thing that my trainer told me to do, when Istarted in MLM over 10 years ago, was to make a list of 100 friends and family members because... That was where I would find my "board of direct...
I was checking out NBC News Online website and I cameacross a story on Salary and the Sexes.One year after graduating from college, women are earning80% of what a man of the same college background. ...
If you are in Network Marketing and have not made it ahabit of reading and listening to self improvement books…you should change that habit!  Many times people complainabout their Network Marketing bu...
The List is what every MLM company has on their quickstart manual.  To me it is the reason over 90% of  allnetwork marketers fail!  Now this is going to raise someeyebrows, and I welcome any comments,...
How to do MLM Like a Mountain Biker I got up this morning early so I could get all the thingsI needed to do to support my team.  I went out to the lanaiit was just perfect.  It must have been low 70's...
We have all heard of it, but very few have seen it!  What am I talking about?  You know the moment after many monthsmaybe years of hard work, of being in the trenchesrecruiting, and finally the day co...
Pete Rose is one of the best major league baseball playersever!  Over his career he had 4,256 hits! There are very few people that would exert themselves tothe level that Pete Rose did while he was ...

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