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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Ed Howes

Premium Author Ed Howes

Oracle, Arizona, USA


Personal Web site:

Memorable Quotes:

"With all your getting, get wisdom. Wisdom is the principle thing."

Brief biography:

Ed Howes is an end time prophet and social critic who only discovered this fact three years ago. Born in 1946, he is among the first of the baby boomers who discovered there is no changing the system from within the system. The change takes place within the self. Not the self that others have created but the one that was buried deep inside us by the time we started school.

He exhorts and counsels all with ears to hear to prepare for the impending hard
times such as never occurred before on
Earth and provides practical suggestions for that preparation. He sees writing on the wall that most see only as graffiti. He knows that grassroots master mind alliances are necessary to drive the spiritual shift in progress and is the best way to save lives. He has just begun the networking to create these alliances and invites all to pool talents, resources and efforts.

He knows all this is happening without his lifting a finger but desires to speed things up to cut losses. Think it over, leave a comment on an article or send an Email. He believes two way - multi way communication is critical to mission. Let us daily increase in wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, love, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity - against all odds.


There are few people in this world unaware of cycles. Few escape ... without ... the cycles of seasons, birth and death, day and night, full moons and new moons, ocean tides. Birthday anni
With all the noise about ... U.S. voters through the Summer of 04, it is safe to assume more than two per cent were ... a few weeks before the ... Among the ... an equal or gre
Surely the theme for the recent U.S. ... was ... versus unity. ... to ... “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”. A nation of double minded people is unstable in
The ... ... strongly imply the Age of man ends 6,000 years from Adam. In Genesis, man was created on the sixth day. The number of man is six; ... and ... The number of divin
As a freshman in high school, I failed ... class due to an extreme ... in the entire subject. I do recall a ... in which the teacher hooked a large one and a half volt battery
I had ... hoped to profit from the things I have learned about energy over the past 20 years. Much time has passed without ... I never found anyone to help or ... me to bring these n
The best ... for fast burn ... are spark ignited piston engines with ... spark timing. Those with ... as original ... do not have ... that control ... a
In the ... in the ... – God; in the ... God created. In the ... of what? In the ... of all creation or in the ... of a ... ... Since the Bible story a
The ... of this world can only see a tidal wave of ... coming to swallow them up, destroy their souls and deny them eternal rest in ... High stakes for which millions will ...
May you daily increase in wisdom, love, ... ... healing, peace, joy, ... laughter and ... If no one else seems to want these things for you, I do. Please accept them with
OK. The American Baby Boomers dropped the anti- ... ball. So certain in the late sixties and ... that ... money grubbing was at the root of nearly every social evil, many bought
... are quite aware they are ... to "avoid the ... of evil." The Vice ... and ... of the United States of America tell us they are ... and to rest easy, they on
The only chance they had from the ... of this campaign to win the 2004 ... election has been to advance their best ... and hope that the ... beat himself. This is a fifty-
Be of good cheer, ... ... splits in churches are not and never have been the end of the world, as close as this one is to the end. Splits are proof of growth. ... ...
Once upon a time, large multi - ... families ... property and capital so that all family members enjoyed both economic and social ... Though there is much ... talk about

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