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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Francesco Castano
Personal Trainer, Author, Bodybuilder

Premium Author Francesco Castano

Lancaster, PA


Personal Web site:

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Knowledge and dedication are an unbeatable combination!

Brief biography:

Francesco Castano is the owner of, a physical fitness company dedicated to helping others learn exactly how to gain muscle mass and lose weight without supplements or drugs. He authors two programs, one at, teaching the correct bodybuilding diet and weight training program to follow for muscle gain, and, which teaches how to lose weight & burn fat for natural weight loss. He includes lifetime email personal training with both programs, where he personally assists all of his clients with training and diet questions, and has hundreds of testimonials validating the effectiveness of his techniques. He also owns, a fitness superstore that sells protein powder, weight training equipment, and fitness accessories at the guaranteed lowest prices. Please feel free to contact him at any time with your fitness questions!


Meal timing is often discussed in bodybuilding forums, with some deciding to engage in their weight training workouts without having consumed a meal. But is doing so detrimental to muscle growth?
Proper weight training range of motion is one of the most popular bodybuilding workout variables for maximum muscle building. But can full range of motion actually increase the risk for muscle injury...
Many pursue a wide variety of weight lifting exercises to enhance abdominal muscle appearance, with the idea that directly stimulating the stomach muscles will lead to maximum development. But is the...
Many bodybuilders aim to stretch before a weight lifting workout, with the intention of injury prevention. But are warm up sets a far more effective method at circumventing muscle injuries?
Many believe the muscle pump or burn during weight training sets is a sign of an effective muscle building workout. But are those who seek this particular sensation robbing themselves of maximum musc...
Many with disappointing muscle mass in the pecs are seeking an alternate bench press weight training routine. But, is the reason behind poor chest muscle development linked with pre-exhaustion?
Many who pursue weight lifting wish to perform their workouts with a partner for spotting so that they can achieve failure on all weight lifting movements. But is there an alternative for bodybuilder...
Many bodybuilders pursue weight lifting with a goal of building impressive biceps, and focus on this one particular muscle group in lieu of total body training. But, can weight training reshape the b...
Many weight lifters use Essential Fatty Acids with the hope of enhancing long term health and well being, especially given the antioxidant properties of EFA. But does integrating this type of fat als...
Many begin bodybuilding with the goal of substantially increasing body weight, and adopt popular muscle building weight gain diet routines. But can such advice prevent bodybuilding results?
Many bodybuilders aim for very short rest periods between sets, believing that this will aid weight lifting intensity. But will short rest periods in certain cases actually prove detrimental towards ...
Many weight lifters avoid aerobic exercise due to worry of burning muscle mass and potentially harming strength levels. Is this muscle loss risk real, or another in the collection of bodybuilding fal...
Bodybuilders are perpetually seeking maximum muscle definition, and many decide to transition from low to high reps throughout a fat loss period. But does this enhance the possibility for muscle loss...
Numerous bodybuilders attempt to perform their weight lifting workouts early in the morning. Is such a practice helpful for muscle gain, or can this tactic actually harm muscle building results?
Numerous weight lifters are confused by carbohydrates, asking if there is an ideal carbohydrate level for impressive muscle building results. Learn why carbohydrates can help, or greatly hinder, the ...

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