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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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George McKenzie
Author and Professional Speaker

Premium Author George McKenzie

Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Personal Web site:

Memorable Quotes:

If all you do is what everyone else does, all you get is what everyone else gets.

Brief biography:

George McKenzie is a former TV news anchor and radio
talk show host. During his 33 year broadcasting
career, his work appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN
and CNN.


The number of cases for many forms of cancer has been on the decline in recent years. But liver cancer death rates are on the rise, and the causes seem fairly clear.  It's not only what we eat and dri...
One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced public speakers make is trying to win an audience's approval by telling a joke. It's unnecessary, and might even be counterproductive. There are better ways t...
If you're worried about having to make a speech soon and you've got a case of stage fright, remember Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous statement "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." In the ca...
American actress Lindsay Lohan, who was recently arrested again on suspicion of DUI, may have more to worry about than a damaged career and jail time. There may be a liver problem in her future too. "...
Until now, almost everyone believed that cirrhosis from excessive alcohol consumption was the biggest health problem related to the liver.  It's no longer true: fatty liver disease has taken over the ...
Ever since Paris Hilton became "famous for being famous," fans and non-fans alike have been asking, "Does Paris Hilton have a lazy eye?" This article describes exactly what a lazy eye is, and what it ...
Fluid in the ear is fairly common among both children and adults. But when children experience fluid in the ear and frequent ear infections, there can be long term consequences to the child both physi...
When most people think of pain related to the kidneys, they think of kidney stones. But a kidney infection can also cause a great deal of discomfort, and if untreated, can even lead to serious long te...
Ever since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast of the United States, some residents say they have developed ongoing lung and respiratory problems that have collectively become known as "Katrin...
Ever since a 1961 chemical analysis of Napoleon Bonaparte's hair revealed elevated levels of arsenic, historians and conspiracy theorists have been asking, "How did Napoleon really die?" We now have t...
Many people believe that stomach ulcers are mainly the result of today's 24-7, high stress, non-stop world. However, while stress, lack of exercise, and bad food may contribute to stomach ulcers, ther...
When something begins to go wrong with the liver, there can be big problems. That's why liver function tests can be critical--and even life-saving. But many patients become confused over the variety o...
You've probably heard of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. But very often, there are few early warning signs or symptoms of these diseases.  Testing for elevated liver enzymes is one of the best ways ...
Most people have heard of cirrhosis of the liver, liver damage, and liver disease.  But few understand the potential health risks of another threat to liver health: an enlarged liver.
Reports of possible liver damage from alcohol abuse by American actress Lindsay Lohan may help debunk the myth that liver damage and cirrhosis of the liver won't happen to someone in their 20's.

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