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Friday, February 15, 2019
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Basic Author Gordon Bryan


Or are you ... to ... like a silly ... doesnít it. But it ... going to delve into the world of sport to ... this ... may or may not like sport, but it is fantast
Habits are hard to break and easy to form.Is that ... to an extent, yes.The longer we keep a habit, the more it becomes part of our ... and breaking it does indeed take a lot of hard
Look around ... now, as you read this, just have a quick look around you, wherever you are.Why are you ... is ... for you being ... are, thatís ... single ...
Over the years, I have had many people say to me that although I keep harping on about the magical power of goal ... theory, ... know quite what it is Iím ... ... they can
3 words, all of them ... with ĎRí, and all of them needed to make our lives happier and flowing more ... ... number 3 is a joke, and a fairly poor one
People often ask me explain my ... and the title of this article usually has people ... telling me that itís Ďthe othersí that wonít stop them from being ... wrong.In fact, it *is
What will it cost you to achieve your ... price will you have to pay?Well ... I donít know you, and I donít know what your goals are, but I do know ... your goal is, there is one
ĎSurely you canít control ... you donít even know whatís going to ... good ... hereís what I ... I donít know whatís going to happen to me ... and I ...
When you make plans for your future, do you try to cross every Ďtí, and dot every ĎIí?If so, welcome to the party!I do it, everyone tends to, but it can lead you down so many blind alleys, you wonít k
Customer service isnít rocket science, you know.It really ... of course, you work at NASA Customer ... the rest of us non rocket ... though, hereís a couple ... I exp
ďBe who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind donít matter, and those who matter donít ... ... good quote, and it sums up the thrust of this ... buy from peop
On the other side of ... you knew that was coming, ... make for a very long article though, does it!So letís ask if itís actually true.ĎIs it actually ... well no, ... ce
Well are you??Iím not at the moment, but I ... donít you find that the more you try *not* to blush, the more you do!!At this point I could jump into a deep ... of the biology invo
Do you like horror films?I ... no no, too gory for my liking, give me ... in Seattleí any day.They are really popular though, the horrors, and I reckon I know how to make them even scari
Ever found yourself saying ĎOoh, I really should do this, I really should ... course you have, everyone has, myself ... trouble is, whatever the thing is that you Ďreally should doí, w

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