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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Basic Author Jim Daniels


Of all the traffic my websites have generated over the years(literally millions of visitors) ONE traffic source stands headand shoulders above the rest...
OK, I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a cheapskate when it comesto marketing. I let my free ebooks, articles and newsletterdo most of my marketing work.
Are you truly using technology in your web business? Beforeyou answer yes, stop a moment and consider how manypromotion or marketing tasks take place at your websitewithout you lifting a finger.
Here are some great tips, tricks, add-ons and shortcuts fortwo popular email programs; Qualcomm's Eudora and MicrosoftOutlook / Outlook Express.
Late last Friday afternoon I made one final email checkbefore leaving for the weekend. Much to my surprise therewere nearly 1000 email messages waiting in my inbox. Andlittle did I know at the time, t...
If you've ever done any investing, you're probably familiarwith the term "going long". In a nutshell, going long meansinvesting for long-term profits. And it's probably thesafest, if not surest way to...
Whether you're planning a new site, or your site is already up and running, here's some inside information you need toknow...
Today I'd like to share with you just two tiny changes Imade in my online marketing campaign recently. While thechanges I made took literally minutes, the results havebeen nothing short of spectacular...
Email newsletter publishers receive loads of questions,especially from newcomers to the web. As publishers, ourever growing subscriber lists result in an endless stream ofinquiries.
The Net is a great place to learn about anything fromaardvarks to zucchini. And while this informationsuperhighway creates a great opportunity to discover newthings, it comes as a bit of a double-edge...
Is your site a "contender"? Or do you have a "limitedpresence" online?
This tutorial will not promise you a top search engine position. It will also not reveal how to get your site into thousands of search engines. Instead, you will discover the exact locations where yo...
Now lets move on to help some spam victims. If you're doingbusiness online, there is a good chance that one day youwill be accused of spamming, even if you are not a spammer.The anonymity of the Inter...
"My site had a severe case of link rot and yours may too!"Have you ever run a link checking program on your website?No, not one of those quickie link checks, but a "full site"link check?
Through the last few years I've tried many ... to anagging ... how to let visitors easily search ... website. Each time I'd try a new service, script ... program I'd run into

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