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Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Lazar Rodriguez

Premium Author Lazar Rodriguez

Aliso Viejo, California, USA

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Lazar Rodriguez has been a skateboarder for quite a long period of time. He enjoys longboarding, trickboarding, and everything in between.


It can be difficult to buy your first longboard. It's especially difficult for people who have never even skated on a longboard before. You will learn everything there is to learn about buying a l...
When you are going down a hill and you are just moving too fast for your own comfort, how do you slow down? Simple! Start sliding. Sliding is used by longboarders all over the world for reducing momen...
Most people know what regular skateboards look like, but how about longboard skateboards? Just like a normal, regular skateboard, the longboard has four wheels and above that there is a plank of wood ...
Why are longboard skateboards so much fun? Some say it's the sense of speed you get when you are zooming down a hill. Others say it is simply a relaxing activity, and that there is nothing better than...
It is lots of fun to skate at the skatepark, but if you're not careful, it can be seriously hazardous. Keep reading and you will learn how to stay out of trouble and also keep yourself from getting hu...
If youíre looking for a new hobby, you should check out skateboarding. If you already have a skateboard, then itís time to learn some fun things you can do with it. Read on and you will soon know more...
Many new skateboarders have a hard time performing tricks. Luckily, there are a few tricks out there that arenít difficult to do, and have a low learning curve. Two tricks in particular are the Ďshuvi...
Itís sometimes difficult to pick the right skateboard. There are a lot of different kinds of decks you can buy. If you donít know what youíre looking for, youíll have a rough time buying the right dec...
Skateboarding is lots of fun, but your fun can be ruined if youíre not dressed properly. Falling in a pair of shorts while not wearing kneepads is a great example of having your fun ruined. Keep readi...
The skateboard is a versatile commuting tool. Itís small enough to take with you anywhere, and light enough that it doesnít become a hassle. Keep reading for more reasons a skateboard is such a great ...
The kickflip is one of the most technical basic tricks in skateboarding. It requires extreme precision, and a nice high ollie. If you want to learn how to pull off a kickflip on your skateboard, keep ...
If youíre a new skater and think that pulling off tricks is difficult, youíre wrong! The manual is a simple, fun, and most importantly, easy trick that anyone can learn as long as they know how to rid...
Skateboarding can be hard, but this article will make it a little easier.
Getting skateboard wheels can sometimes be confusing, but this guide will help sort out the different types of wheels.
Are you interested in taking up skateboarding, but can't, because you don't know how to put one together? Today, you're going to learn how to put a deck together, so the above will no longer be a pr...

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