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Monday, January 20, 2020
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Keeping a fish tank is a wonderful and relaxing hobby, but it can turn stressful if your fish start to die off. The most common cause of fish disease is poor water quality so it is vital that you perf...
They can be pretty to look at and soothing to hear, but did you know that that wind chimes also have healing effects? Just listening to the tones of the chimes can help calm your mind and release stre...
The geranium, like any other garden plant, needs proper care to flourish. Planting in a sunny spot, making sure the plant gets enough water and fertilizer and checking for disease and pests will help ...
The geranium has long been a favorite plant for both garden beds and containers. This common geranium is actually a member of the genus Pelargonium while the wild geranium is a member of the genus Ger...
... have long been a popular plant for both outdoor and indoor use.The common geranium can be grown in beds or ... and will do well in either. The ivy leafed geranium is a natural for han
Clipping a pet birds wings is a common grooming procedure and is necessary for training as well as for your pets safety. You might feel like you are being mean to the bird, but the fact is that it doe...
The Pom is a little dog with a big personality! This tiny fluffy creature has a wedge shaped head and looks like a little fox. With itís bright eyes, it seems like it is always smiling and willing to ...
If you are looking for a toy dog that is intelligent, curious, lively and cuddly, then the Pomeranian could be the dog for you! Before you enter into dog ownership of any breed, however, you must ask ...
The Pom is a compact dog with a soft undercoat and harsh long outer coat. He has a plumed tail that is upright with the end laying flat along the back. His demeanor is alert and curious. With his fox ...
The Pomeranian is one of they toy breeds and weighs between 3 and 7 pounds (there are larger poms, and although not to the breed standard, they still make wonderful loving pets!). Intelligent and viva...
Choosing a kitchen counter material can be an overwhelming task in the midst of a huge kitchen makeover. Before you select a material, try to decide what look you are going for. Scour magazines and ta...
Spam comes in many forms and spammers will pull out all the stops to try to trick you into clicking on their email and hopefully making a purchase. Below are some of the most common forms that spam co...
Commonly referred to as spam, unsolicited commercial email is becoming a big problem today. If youíve ever had your email address on a spam list, then you know how annoying it is to have to wade throu...
... has been sought after for ... for itís beauty and healing powers. Well known for itís uses in Native American jewelry and ... it has been used for ... and dates back to anc
Melting ... for baking is an exacting task, if not done ... you can end up with a burned or grainy mess and ruin whatever you are baking. Below are 3 methods for melting ... each ca

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