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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Michael A. Verdicchio

Premium Author Michael A. Verdicchio

Glendale, Arizona, USA

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When you stop and think about it, every day we face the unknown. There are no guarantees that everything that we have planned will play out just like we think it will. Life is full of surprises.
This economy will turn around and we will again see another upturn. Now is a great opportunity to teach our children and our grandchildren. Now is the time to teach them how to be sufficient whether i...
It is easy to be happy, excited, and positive when things are going well. But how about when a problem or something unpleasant presents itself? Then it's not so easy to remain positive - or is it?
With so many people going to work each day with fear in their hearts, how far from their minds is a scenario like this? It happened here in the USA, in February of 2009.
It has three diamonds in it, and I think they are pretty tiny. And if you lost one, well who in the world could ever find it? Kathy could, and she did, twice!
You can choose to be influenced by the media, or you can choose to be a giver. What? Giving in these times? Yes, I am talking about the Law of Giving and Receiving.
If movies based on true stories can inspire people, just think how much more true stories from the Bible could inspire people if they only accepted them as being true. They could really lift a person'...
Focus on that which you can control. You can control your attitude. You can control the quality of your own individual work and make it the best that it can possibly be. You can strive for excellence.
If you have absolutely no control over your future, then why worry about anything? Whatever is going to happen to you is going to happen anyway, right? That's called fate. And believe it or not, that ...
People are beginning to realize that all that they trusted in before has either let them down or is on shaky ground. Companies, stocks, retirement plans, seniority - all of these things cannot be trus...
Thanksgiving was proclaimed by every president after Lincoln. The date was changed a couple of times, most recently by Franklin Roosevelt, who made it one week earlier, on the 2nd-to-last Thursday in ...
When you live according to ethical principles, you will always win out in the end. When times are lean, you need a proper mindset the most. We just cannot allow ourselves to make decisions based on fe...
This is the little know secret about "gratitude," how few even recognize it, and yet if they knew it, how much it would impact their lives!
When reading the promises in the Bible, you won't read any legal disclaimer, or expiration dates, or that, "certain rules and conditions may apply." The promises you read in the Scriptures are all tru...
The Creator never intended for us to settle! He never intended for us to live a life being "less" than what we could be! His desire is for us to reach our full potentials!

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