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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Michael Dupre

Premium Author Michael Dupre


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I have worked in the world of 1T for almost 20 years now with a special emphasis on XML and web standards technologies since 1994 when XML started to take off. In my personal life I enjoy motor racing and prestige cars. I am also a part time property developer and have a real passion for renovating old barns.


XML is a very versatile markup language that you can use in web development, and its also very seful for validating web forms as well.
XML is a very flexible markup language that can be used for a number of task and reasons, in this post we will cover a few of the reasons why you would want to use it and how.
The principal items you need to understand about xml have been in its syntax, this should help you compose basic and effective xml. Essentially each and every xml tag should have a beginning as well a...
A XML namespace is a great way to ensure consistency in your xml file aand to avoid possible conflicts with badly named elements or atributes.
XML is incredibly versatile and great for storing data and transporting it across systems. You can create XML easily enough using a plain text editor. A dtd or xml schema is a useful way of providing ...
XHTML is an acronym for Extensible HyperText Markup Language, and it is actually an evolution based upon normal HTML, it’s purpose was also intended to be a way in the direction of inevitable XM...
Whilst xml was initially created to help with transferring and displaying data across various platforms, its flexibility and versatility as quickly noticed by publishers who have increasingly used xml...
An xml schema is a file that is created to illustrate the contents of an xml document as well as dictate and lay down ground rules as to what can and cannot be included inside the xml file. These ...
The omnipotent presence of the web will not have avoided many peopleís attentions unnoticed. In todayís modern age you're able to surf the internet and purchase goods in the convenience of any pla...
Java is a remarkably clear-cut programming language which is known as object oriented. We wonít get caught up excessively at this point as to what specifically object oriented programming is, suff...
XML signifies Extensible Mark-up Language and its a mark-up language intended for moving as well as showing data or info all over the internet, in a reliable and as intended fashion no matter what...
XML is short for Extensible Mark-up Language, and like the title suggests, its a mark-up language and was actually intended for permitting webpages to be shown correctly across distinct internet ...
XPath is a W3C standard as well as language utilized for finding info or data out of an XML file, itís very good for navigating through elements and attributes in a basic approach.
XPath is a query language that is utilized in XML to query and also select nodes from an XML document. Indeed, you can even put it to use figure out ideals, like strings, numbers and Bolean values...
Silverlight is a software application produced by Microsoft, an effective way to illustrate it to you, would be to liken it to Adobe Flash. Silverlight in attributes and goal is a lot like Adobe F...

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