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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Michaela Scherr
Spiritual Intuitive and Transformational Coach

Premium Author Michaela Scherr

Brisbane, Australia


Personal Web site:

Memorable Quotes:

Thereís only one person that can make it happen for you, and that person is you.
You own whether you do, or whether you do not.

Truth or Enlightenment
is knowing absolutely everything about all things at the exact same time without pinpointing a solitary thing

There is no one on this planet that can change your life to how you would like it to be.
Except for you.

What you learn at any given time about any subject is much like a snowflake above an iceberg.

With any goal you set, the first step starts with you, and every other step thereafter.

Michaela Scherr

Brief biography:

Michaela is a graduate of a well known parapsychology academy in Sydney Australia, and is a highly-regarded professional within this field.

Michaela is also a Transformational Coach, certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Spiritual Intuitive and writer who is totally committed to helping others create positive and action oriented changes to their lives.

A high achiever in many areas of her life, Michaela has extensive experience through not only her varied careers but also her interests and education in the fields of spirituality, aromatherapy and massage, personal development and transformational coaching, to writing, meditation, and her all time favourite - psychometry - a form of divination by holding a piece of jewellery, car or house keys or any other object.

Michaela is the author of self help e-books and articles aimed towards helping others achieve a more peaceful, spiritual and fulfilled 'real' life.

Michaela has two children and a grandchild. Michaela and her family currently live in Brisbane Australia.


You've just landed a new job, your relationship has just changed, or a new learning experience has been thrust upon you.† What happens now?
So youíve bought some tarot cards and youíre bursting with excitement!† You just canít wait to spread the cards out and check to see what they say about you.† Stop!
Four fabulous energy management secrets which contribute to spiritual warming are really no secret at all
One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first had a light bulb moment about having a website to promote my business; was not doing some good old fashioned goal-setting to find out what this website ...
Very simply put,†a vibrational healing sessions utilise†universal energy which is generally†channelled out from the palms of our hands into the outer or inner aura and chakras
Maybe you are looking at a sea or green change, career change, further education, having a child, or something else.  Regardless of what changes you have in mind it helps if you take time to cons...
This afternoon, whilst partaking in some quality procrastination I reflected on Motherís Days past and remembered my daughter when she was very young.  The cards she made for me and the breakfast...
What if tomorrow you had a very important meeting with people youíve never met before?  Maybe itís an interview for a job you really want; maybe youíre selling a product youíve created; it could ...
I tend to request constructive feedback on many different things knowing there will be times I'll arc up at what I hear or read.  I've requested website reviews for months now and finally a websi...
Creating a collage montage to facilitate self healing is a great self help tool bringing forth meditative like qualities as you choose pictures and other materials in quiet contemplation of the life y...
Ever have days where going back to bed and starting over is a great idea?  You get up, spill coffee all over you, your breakfast ends up in your lap, nothing works properly (ask me about technolo...
Maintaining mind, body and spirit on a daily basis through mainstream or alternative self help tools and techniques can help a great deal during down times.
Sometimes good comes from being blinded by the light Self improvement (or self help) tools come in many shapes and sizes; sometimes itís physical in nature (a self help book, having a massage, painti...
Sometimes life gets pretty tough and dark and a term sometimes used ďWalking the dark night of the soulĒ isnít far from the truth.  Itís during this time a sense of loneliness might be experience...
There are times in my life, sometimes often, sometimes not depending on my which project Iím working on, where I need some extra help with inspiration and motivation to keep going.

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