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Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Naweko San-Joyz

Premium Author Naweko San-Joyz

San Diego, California USA

Personal Web site:

Memorable Quotes:

You have to be your own skin care expert to enjoy the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible.

Brief biography:

Naweko Nicole Dial San-Joyz founded Noixia, a San Diego firm dedicated to helping people enhance their image by offering custom skin solutions to people with acne scarring on the face and body. San-Joyz has appeared across the US promoting beauty through health consciousness.


Home remedies for acne come in all flavors of weird. There's the egg yolk mask, handyman soap scrub, lidocaine rub and even a urine toner. And like any trial treatment, homemade treatments may work sh...
Have you decided to invest in laser therapy to correct acne scarring? What do you expect to get for your money- a completely new look? You should because these services aren't cheap. No matter what yo...
You can customize your hair color, manicure type, vehicle, health care plan and most certainly, your acne scar removal regime. But before you take one step in customizing anything- you plan. When it c...
Over the counter microdermabrasion kits serve as an ideal way to approach do it yourself acne scar correction. And with four scientifically sound tweaks to your current dermabrasion regime, you can tr...
Spotted, saggy skin. That's not exactly the image that a soothing day at the beach congers up. Yet that's precisely how ill-protected skin ends up after years of fun in the sun gone wrong. You can fen...
Breasts should be curvy. Along with fatty tissue, muscles serve as your natural source of sexy, busty curves. And, without morphing into a female version of the Incredible Hulk, you can add a tad of v...
Cystic acne steals personal privacy. It's like wearing a billboard that screams, “Yes, something is wrong with my skin!”Acne poses multiple cosmetic and emotional problems for women, and as researcher...
For years, sunbathing has served as an anecdotal cure for acne. But who wants to treat acne with sunshine if this therapy could cause skin cancer years later? Now that medical insights reveal sunbathi...
Many people tormented by pimples find no reprieve with trusted pustule terminators like benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics. And so researchers toil away in labs working to challenge the stamina of pimple...
Softening deep acne scars resulting from severe bouts of cystic or nodular lesions requires a well thought out cosmetic corrective plan. And according to reports in Dermatologic Surgery, popularized s...
After getting acne under control, the first thing on your mind is probably socializing, shopping and generally leaving your skin related health woes behind. But if antibiotics were apart of your acne ...
When it comes to acne, a pimple reduced, is a scar avoided. That is, preventing the arrival of deep acne scars is a simple matter of controlling the size of an arising acne lesion. You can do it in th...
It’s Friday night. You’ve just downed your second post-work apple-tini and now you’re scanning your Sex In the City wardrobe for a get-up destined to entrap Mr. Huck-A-Burning-Love later tonight. Hold...
It appears the struggles over the safeness of hormone replacement therapy will endure ad infinitum. Meanwhile, should adults continue to use hormone replacement therapy to prevent wrinkles in the mist...
How much will removing your acne scars cost? That depends on several factors like, how severe is your scarring is; how deep on the scars are and will do you the scar correction yourself or pay a skin ...

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