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Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Paul Phillips
Health writer Researcher

Premium Author Paul Phillips


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"Your health is in your hands!"

Brief biography:

I, Paul Phillips, am a health writer researcher. I graduated at the School of ‘Biological Sciences’, which included biochemistry, physiology and nutrition… I later worked in a range of related research & development labs. After watching some close friends and relatives’ die of various illnesses, I learnt that the way in which the medical / pharmaceutical establishment treated diseases was mainly based on fraud and deception in order to profiteer. I then got round to writing what I considered to be the truth in health matters: That unknown to many people, there are cheap, natural and non-toxic ways of treating illness. This includes nutrition, exercise, having a positive outlook on life (attitude, thoughts, feelings, emotions…) and avoiding environmental toxins. These related approaches, as ways of handling stress and toxicity, can be far, far more successful and, unlike the medical/pharmaceutical model, are capable of curing.


Contrary to what's being given out in the media, vaccinations are not the harbinger of good health they have been made out to be...
People living in the northern hemisphere will undoubtedly perceive this time of year as a health threat. Quite understandably, when it comes to the reason for ill health occurring, a shadowy finger of...
The major contributor to the big picture of health is the pharmaceutical company's research and development (R&D) department, where the making of new drugs begins. There are other research institution...
Around 400 years ago Greek physician Hippocrates made the statement: 'Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine', which is regarded by many to be true to this day. However, many or...
To maintain control of health, people need to wake up and realise the narrowness of orthodox medicine's theory and approaches to treatment before it's too late. Before they or a loved one becomes a de...
Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence to show that HIV is the harmful virus it is said to be. It is one of over a hundred odd retroviruses. So called a retrovirus because of the way in whic...
As well intending as these people may be: whether you see them shaking tins, collecting money, or working in resident shops or any other campaign, the truth of the matter is most cancer charities are ...
Many people know that chemical-laden, trans-fats stuffed, starchy, grainy and sugary junk foods are not good for you. However, the problem for many is how to kick the habit of overdoing it with these ...
When cooked the heat causes vitamins and enzymes present in food to denature. This means that the vitamins and enzymes loose their molecular shape and are far less able to effectively provide for the ...
Doctors in the USA know only too well that omega-3 sources such as fish oils supplements can significantly prevent heart attacks...
Eating good food is more important than paying the mortgage. If you don't eat good food, you may not live long enough or be healthy to reap the benefits of having paid off the mortgage...
Contrary to all the slick advertising and marketing and obsession with the low-fat or fat-free diet, saturated fats are not the harmful monsters they are sometimes portrayed as. Saturated fats are in ...
Cancer manifests as a consequence of two things: Toxicity in the body and stress. It doesn't matter what type of cancer it is. These two factors are always the root cause. Detoxify the body by good nu...
If a saturated fat and cholesterol diet really has been responsible for heart disease, then how come is it that the illness was a rarity before the 1930's? Remember, these were times before all those ...
The human body contains about 70%water. Our bodies are bio-electrical systems and are dependant on a good quality water supply for optimum physical and psychological states...

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