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Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Rhab Hendrik
Currency Trader

Premium Author Rhab Hendrik

Clearwater, FL

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The Forex Strategy Guy


A long time ago money did not exist. People used a system of bartering for goods and services, but this was impractical. What if you carried your goods to the market and didnít find what you want or n...
The Board of Governors controls monetary policy because it controls the Federal Open Market Committee which determines monetary policy. The reason is that there are only 12 voting members on this comm...
The movement of the currencies in the online forex market will determine what kind of trade you will make. This is why it is very important to know how the market moves. If you understand what's going...
We need money that is a fact. Money is portable and easy to use to purchase what you want. If the past this was not always the case. People used other systems in order to get what they wanted. As a re...
The Federal Reserve influence on interest rates and the economy is great. It is often said that the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board is the second most powerful person in the United States. Only ...
All of us need some way in which to buy goods and services. The easiest way to do this is to have the money to do it. Money is not something that is made. It is the result of production, it is not the...
Money is not the problem. It is not evil. It allows us to conveniently purchase what we want, when we want it. Thousands of years ago, there was no currency or trading forex. People had to travel for ...
Over time the regional banks have relinquished power to the Board of Governors. Not only can the Board review and disapprove the banks' discount rates, thereby causing the district banks to change the...
Over the years the Fed has been given a multitude of regulatory powers over commercial banks. More recently the Fed has gained powers to regulate non-bank depository institutions especially in areas w...
A central bank has always been feared by the American people. The reason that people were wary of centralized power The Federal Reserve Act provided for 12 largely autonomous regional Federal Reserve ...
In a complex economic system financial intermediaries are needed. These intermediaries are known as the brokers and the dealers. An economy is composed of lenders and borrowers. Whether it is a househ...
A financial system is composed of borrowers and lenders. Depending on their needs the households and corporations that make up an economy can either be deficit spenders or surplus spenders. For this r...
the modern day Federal Reserve System consists of a seven-member Board of Governors, 12 regional Federal Reserve banks and their branches located throughout the country, approximately 3000 member comm...
There are two types of financial markets and they are the primary and secondary markets. Financial claims are initially sold by borrowers in the primary financial markets. All financial claims have pr...
Many people feel that when they first entered into trading the forex market that it will be a fast way to make easy money. This becomes obvious that this is false after they've lost a few thousand dol...

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