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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Basic Author Richard Lowe


... I was asked "What are the core basics that someone who wants to move beyond ... ... that's an ... question that I actually get asked quite a bit. You see, I have been
I'm sure you've all heard the ... "the customer is king". Some ... live by this rule - and those tend to do very well. Others say the words but, well, they're just words. These ...
One of my first tasks when I was hired ten years ago was ... the creation of a disaster recovery site for ... computer systems. I had already had some ... ... and
It's quite common for a site to be ... by more than one domain name. In fact, most sites are ... by at least two: a www version and a non-www version. These are usually set up to referen
I don't know about you, but ... it seems like all of the best domain names have already been taken. On more than one ... I've come up with a great domain name for a site, only to find that
This column is about ... which is a term from a book by Robert A. Heinlein (one of the best Science Fiction authors that ever lived) called "The Moon Is A Harsh ... The term means "There
Be Cautious - Be cautious about anything you read on the web, in an email or on a ... There are so many scams and frauds that the best thing to do is ignore all of them entirely until you have
Many years ago, when I was a young lad, a wise man gave me the best advice that anyone has ever given. ... he told me, "Never lose your ... I've followed that advice all of my life, and
I've been ... the ... about Google and mirrored ... for some time. It is "common ... that Google ... page rank when it ... that content is ... ...
I've found when people discuss spam they really have no idea what they are talking about. There are as many ... ... of spam as there are people. In point of fact, this factor alone (not
Wired magazine recently reported (on July 27, 2002), "Afraid that Peru may adopt a bill ... the use of ... software in all ... systems, ... ... enlisted the American
I'll bet you've visited a site only to be plagued by one, two, three or even more popup windows ... to annoy you. Some poorly designed sites even pop up those same windows each time you visit a
I've searched for a few jobs in my time, and I've ... many hundreds of people. Here are some things that I've learned which have had great success. I hope they are of value to any job searcher
I've been to many, many seminars on ... and ... I've read hundreds of books and talked with more people than I care to admit. For many years, I searched for the answer to the ...
When you think of reasons why someone would get fired, what comes to mind? Theft of company ... Having a bad ... Unable to work with others? ... I'll bet that these and many other t

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