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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Robin Calamaio

Premium Author Robin Calamaio

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Personal Web site:

Memorable Quotes:

It's all mercy, and it's all grace, or ... it's all over.

Brief biography:

Robin became a Christian in 1977.

*B.A., Bus. Admin. (Milligan College '90)
*Associate of Divinity (SWBTS '86)
*Master of Divinity (Emmanuel School of Religion '92).

Major writings:
"No Tithe for the Christian,"
"Love and the Bible,"
"Death and the Bible,"
"Abortion...Resides in the Weakest Form of Human Thought"
"Capital Punishment and the Bible"

These are free at . He considers it a privilege to freely share his work.


Did you know it is impossible for the Greek word, agapao, to mean, “the divine, unconditional love of God” ?  And the Greek word, phileo, does not mean, “brotherly love.”  Fortunately, you do not need...
There was a point when I realized it took more faith to believe in Evolution - than in the Creation Account of Genesis.  This Article forwards five basic evolutionary beliefs that require a faith more...
Evolution and the Bible are at opposite poles on the subject of death.  They are also at odds on the subject of life - its origin, purpose and destination.  Did you know the Bible teaches that three d...
The Bible was finished 2000 years ago.  Is there a main point?  If so, what is it?  Is that point relevant today?  Is this actually the place where real meaning and purpose in life begins - as so many...
Is every person unique, special and uncommon in God’s sight? Or does God identify "a common man"? If so, what makes one ... "common"? But most importantly, how does God see you? Are you uncommon ... o...
Is a human embryo just a blob of protoplasm as Humanists maintain? Naturalists (evolutionists) and Biblical Theists both think otherwise. In fact, these two, who are normally at odds, share common gro...
Money is an important Biblical topic. Fortunately, God's expectations (and commands) in this area are quite clear. And each of us are highly accountable for the proper use of our money. So, is 10% (a ...
While there are many facets to the abortion argument, probably one of the most important - and often overlooked - is the role of governing officials in this matter. Does the Bible say anything about g...
Are you alarmed over the moral condition - and direction - of your country? And ... is there anything you can do about it? It is easy to be discouraged about this. But in this Article, you will learn ...
Have you ever endured a boring sermon? Have you ever wondered what God Himself may think about such thing? Does He even have an opinion?
There are several biblical descriptions for a Christian's service to God. Sometimes Christian's are soldiers, sometimes co-laborers - and sometimes ... slaves. But, if service is rendered (or required...
Is there a difference between religion - and faith? If so, what is it? It's possible you have never wondered about this. But, then again, maybe you have. The next few paragraphs may confirm ... some s...
If God is perfect, then why has He made such a flawed world? Is there an answer to this?
The abortion argument begins ... where? Does it start with the embryo, the first heartbeat, the first brainwave, the beginning of the third trimester ... or with the fertile egg? Or should there even ...
The title of this Article ... is a really good question.  Actually, it is an extremely good question.  In fact, the only thing better than it is ... the answer.

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