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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Rudolph Draaisma
retired engineer

Premium Author Rudolph Draaisma

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Personal Web site:

Memorable Quotes:

1) The World of the Possible is infinitely larger than the World of the Impossible.

2) Reality is what we want it to be ...

3) Wisdom can exclude, but not include.

Brief biography:

Born and raised in the Netherlands, graduated in electrical engineering and worked as a radar specialist in NATO-Germany. Later moved to Sweden, became a Swedish national and graduated as a mechanical engineer there. Worked as a mechnical engineer in various fields, but finally became specialized in thermodynamics, energy conversion and recovery technologies. Presently living as a freelance engineer Cambodia, working for clients over the web world-wide.


An informative article on basics in mechanics, dynamics and thermo. In avoiding to make designs and choices that are based on wrong assumptions, wasting time and money, basics are often more important...
In rural areas, usually of tropical developing countries, when there is some money to spend, bricks are preferred as building material. Bricks are fired in kilns, which requires wood for operation. Th...
Entropy, formerly being a matter of academic interest only, nowadays,  with environment, pollution, global warming and alternative energy being widely discussed throughout society, it concerns us...
Do you think space, or rather the vacuum, is cold? During my survey on the web during the past few months, it clearly showed that most people would answer yes to that question. Fact is that only matte...
Why has solar energy not found widespread application, ever since the first oil crisis around 35 years ago? Is it the "oil mafia" and politicians working against it, or could it just be that there is ...
The worldly name of the Buddha was Sidhattha Gautama. Part of his profound teachings became the religion of Buddhism, the larger part of which is derived from Hinduism. Gautamism is my term for the Or...
Evolution appears to be the only feasible way in which everything that exists today came about. Yet God can have started Creation at the Beginning of Times, manifestating Him/Herself in phyical laws, ...
The decisive proof that the biblical age of Creation is wrong, lies in the measured speed of light, in conjunction with the distances of galactic objects from us and in consequence, that our galaxy co...
From the Second Law of Thermodynamics  a proof for Evolution can be derived. The Second Law cannot say anything about the existence of a God Creator, because it is not based on any physical principle,...
Hydrogen does not occur in free form on Earth. The energy needed to free it from its chemical bonds can be used directly instead, making Hydrogen to be just an energy converter, possibly with environm...
Energy conversion systems in the power range of more than 10 kW, still have efficiencies well below 40%. There  are however physical concepts, that would allow far higher efficiencies, even to the ext...
You may not believe this story, but it really happened in Germany, around 70 years ago. It never came in any history book, likely because God clouded people's minds. But perhaps, one day, someone will...
The fly says that the blades of a rotating propeller move very slowly, while passing unharmed through the spaces between them. The man says that the blades are moving very fast, constituting a solid d...

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