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Friday, May 29, 2020
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Steve Morris

Premium Author Steve Morris

doncaster UK

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As with buying a PC laptop or for that matter any electrical equipment, it is a case of different strokes for different folks, what might be good for Joe may not be right for bill. With laptops, you s...
In the news recently was a fantastic way to gamble and play games Kwari is a new gaming system made by a company with the same name as the game itself , Kwari.
In the past, I would look into the mirror and staring back at me would be someone who didnt look like I saw myself, he was fatter and not as toned as me (my mental image of myself). When I got to tha...
All is not what it seems with watch water resistance, you will not find a watch that claims to be waterproof. This is because no watch can be guaranteed totally waterproof.The different levels of wate...
If you have a cash tree in your back garden choosing a HD TV is easy pick the biggest and most expensive and your bound to be on to a winner right. Well I dont know about you, but my money tree got l...
We are all asking the same question who will win the HD format war, will it be the HD DVD which is cheaper to produce but lacks the capacity of the more expensive but larger Blu Ray Disks.Blu-ray was ...
Do you own a Ps3, Xbox 360 or a WII, what made you buy your console? Was it the technical specifications or did someone tell you theirs was so fantastic that you just had to join in the fun.Now I am g...
Cheap or not so cheapMany modern washing machines are cheap to acquire, many manufactures take the notion of build them cheap sell them quick, often the build quality is of a poor standard, often they...
Every month, a different manufacturers comes up with the new "latest must have digital camera" this must have piece of digital photographic wizardry specifically designed to wrestle us from our cash. ...
We measure diamonds using the term carat; this term comes from the word carob. A carob is a bean grown in the Mediterranean, if the stone weight was the same as one carob bean then it was a 1 carob (o...
The features list of the Nokia N95 are scrumptiously amazing. The N95 is from the N-Series family offering a host of great multimedia features. Some of the Key features of Nokia N95 is the 5 mega pixe...
You look at the E61, and you think smart phone it looks the part with its metallic finish and wide screen. This is Nokias move to take on the Blackberry devices, and play them at there own game. When...
The Prada phone by LG also known as the LG KE850 is a fantastic looking phone, its got great styling, smooth lines and it's totally touch based as opposed to old style button based interface. The LG K...
When people get a mobile phone contract they seem to buy the phone and not give much concern to the contract , this can be a dreadful mistake. Handsets have short-term appeal, the new must have ,Sony...

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