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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Tim Mack
Short Stories Writer

Premium Author Tim Mack



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Never write something that you would not enjoy reading yourself.

Brief biography:

I enjoy writing both fiction and non fiction. No matter what the subject matter is about, I will write about it if I find it entertaining.


I never expected to find my future wife on the Internet, but yet I did. This is the true story of how I met my soulmate, Anne Therese, on the Internet.
Paul slid the third button from it's tight slit of her soft, pink, blouse. His heart was racing. She's never allowed it this far before. Fingers now touching, where they dared not before, Kay's heart ...
Does anyone remember those early High School days? You know, the time when most of us started to discover the opposite sex in earnest, but we still weren't completely evolved yet. I can still remember...
"Wake up, we slept all night," I said shaking her."Wow, its morning time. I never slept that sound before. But I so need to bathe. Sorry if I smell all stinky." she said.
I could relate to her plight. I to once lived in a very high rent ... After a hitch in the Navy, I just couldn't imagine myself living in Brooklyn anymore. It was where I grew up and there w
No one ever wanted to talk about this. No one ever wanted to dare know the sacrifice that so few made for so many. Its been about 24 years now since it happened, and I think at last, its time to talk ...
The other day, my nephew asked," could you come to the mall with me and help me pick out some clothes for College?"That really brought back memories. As I drove along the Interstate to the Mall, I sa...
The very real Hollywood Journalist and Script Reader Tiffany Stone was written into this story so it could be labeled fiction, but this really happened and even the stories author Tim Mack can not com...
I couldn't believe that I was all alone with part of the cross that Christ had carried. It felt so strange to think that just an ordinary person such as myself would now be in the presence of the symb...
As my horse galloped ever faster along the beach I pulled back on the reigns to slow him down. But it seemed as if something unforseen was quiding the horse. As I pulled the reigns back even harder my...
"I can't understand this. You just did me ten minutes ago and I'm feeling super horny again already," I said.
If you're a type that may have bad dreams then please don't read this story. For this is not about make believe, but rather this is about the living dead.
I'm a fairly ordinary guy, but after two weeks of dating Triffy, things just didn't seem very ordinary anymore. I had taken a girl named Barbra to a drive in movie. Not sure if they still have drive i...
When you live in New York City, downtown represents, the up and comers, or the new money, as its called. Uptown represents the established and entrenched, the old money as its called.

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