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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Tyson Faulkner

Premium Author Tyson Faulkner

Idaho, USA

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Even though the original chinchillas were all grey, over the years breeders have been able to get a wide number of colors to come out in their fur. Here's a list with descriptions about each color t...
Chinchillas can vary widely in price from breeder to breeder and what color they are. They can realistically cost as little as $50 to as much as $600 (on rare occasions).
Chinchillas are very unique creatures that are only found in the Andes Mountains (originally). Because of the unique environment they were made for, they require special care to be sure that they li...
Since chinchillas eat such a bland diet most of the time, they will greatly appreciate any and all treats you are willing to give them. In fact, they will eat so many treats it will make them sick i...
Buying a cage for your chinchilla can be sort of overwhelming at times, especially since there are so many different options available. The key to buying a good home for you chinchilla is to educate...
Chinchillas are amazing little creatures, and if you have one as a pet, you should learn as much as you can about the little guy to see where he came from and to know why he does some of the crazy t...
When you first get a chinchilla, if you haven't studied or learned too much about them, you may be surprised when they start making noises. I'm not just talking about the noises they make when they ...
Training your chinchilla to do tricks can be a very rewarding experience and will bring you and your little chin closer to each other. If you think it is surely impossible to teach a rodent to do tric...
Since finding the perfect name can be hard, it's a good idea to take your time and get creative. If you're having trouble naming your little guy, you could try finding a name that describes his pers...
Chinchillas are a very unique creature that original lived in the Andes Mountains where they roamed the mountainside. These little guys have one of the softest furs out of any animal on the planet. ...
If you're afraid that bathing your chinchilla in dust will make a huge mess, or that you may not do it right, don't get too worried about it! It's actually quite simple as long as you have the prope...
If you're looking to get a chinchilla, you probably already know that they come in a ton of different colors. And some colors are much more expensive than others. This article will explain some differ...
If you're in the market to buy a new chinchilla, there are a few guidelines you should follow to be sure that you get a good deal and a few things to look for to make sure you will have a good pet f...
If you're getting ready to adopt a chinchilla, or you have one already, it's important to feed the little guy the right foods. Despite being notoriously healthy creatures, they actually have a very se...
In case you didn't know, chinchillas are not from around here. They were brought up here because someone thought they would make good pets, and they were right! There are some things about a chinchill...

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