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Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Will Kalif
Writer/Web Designer

Premium Author Will Kalif

New England


Personal Web site:

Memorable Quotes:

"The myth does not point to a fact; the myth points beyond facts to something that informs the fact," said the great American mythologist
Joseph Campbell.

"The whole earth is the tomb of heroic men and their story is not given only on stone over their clay but abides everywhere without visible symbol woven into the stuff of other mens lives."

"The adventure of the hero is the adventure of being alive"
Joseph Campbell

Brief biography:

Will Kalif is the author of two epic fantasy novels and he is currently working on his third.


Writing is a wonderful, yet sometimes, very hard thing to do. Often it is very easy to not "make the time" to write and nobody is going to motivate you. You have to motivate yourself. Here are three t...
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Blasting out lightning fast scales on the classical guitar is a very impressive feat. It sounds so good and really raises the emotional level of your playing. You really can increase your playing spee...
After the Dark Ages the world was thrust into a two hundred year period of incredible creativity and growth called "The Renaissance". This creative force of time brought about some wonderful masterpie...
We typically think of a catapult as something that was used in the Middle Ages to destroy the walls of a castle. But catapults have a very long history dating long before the time of castles and they ...
The Dark Ages were a period of great upheaval, constant war, horrendous plague, and stagnant cultural growth. But through these difficult centuries new ideas and a new culture was born. And in today’s...
Life in the Middle Ages could be very challenging and difficult. But there were many stretches of time when warfare was at a minimum, crops were plentiful, and castles were the homes of Lords, Ladies ...
Movies are a creative world of imagination and wonder. And does anything evoke this feeling of wonder more than castles? They represent power, wealth, mystery and many other things so they make a perf...
A secret diorama is a diorama built in an unexpected place. This gives the diorama a level of not only visual delight but of discovery. And the theme of the diorama can be closely linked to the locati...
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Video game design software has taken a lot of the hard work out of making games and it has left the creative part up to you. There are software applications that will help you make a game quickly, eas...
The debate over long or short nails has raged since the dawn of the classical guitar and the right answer to this question is "It doesn’t matter". But there are differences between the two styles and ...
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