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Monday, January 20, 2020
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Basic Author William Cate


A classic definition of inflation is any increase in the money supply. Understanding inflation is vital to anyone seeking investment profits or attempting to build a successful company. As with most b...
The clouds of a 2006 Recession are starting to form on America's horizon.Politicians know that Recessions or Depressions are bad for their reelectionchanges. Bad economic times tend to create unemploy...
Africa, like everywhere else in the world, has its fair share of honest, intelligent; hardworking people who want to see their families have a better standard of living. Unfortunately, most of these p...
Knowing the inflation rate for your business or family isvital to your long term financial planning. Thanks to the Federal Reservein Minneapolis, it's now possible for you to easily developan individu...
The Hedge Fund HeadacheByWilliam CateHedge Funds are dangerous. They play with the D-bomb and Hedge Fund managersdon't know what they are doing. They are like children playing with alandmine in a sand...
Technical Analysis is financial astrology. There are too many variables whose importance changes too quickly to allow any mathematical formula to accurately predict the performance of the Market. It's...
Income ... for ... CateIf you want to spend your life seeing the world and not forty years ... to an office cubicle, how can you do it? In the past, the solution was t
Machiavellians believe that governments manipulate their national economies to create the illusion of economic well-being. The governments' goal is to ensure political stability. As with any set of pe...
Front ... ... caught between a rock and a hard place. If you refuse to pay front fees, you won't get very much ... help and what help you do find will be very costly. Front f
Cash flow numbers are not credible. They never reflect business reality. Using them in a business plan tells a potential investor that you are either stupid or dishonest. This isn't the message that y...
Ask not how much money you'll make from a speculative investment. Instead, ask how likely you are to lose your risk capital. Most investors will find better odds wagering their money in Las Vegas, Mac...
It isn't cheap. It isn't easy. The winners in the rush for risk capital are the CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) who understand how to play the money game.
... An Equity Finance ... CateMost Chief ... Officers (CFOs) realize that it's a hundred times easier to raise venture capital for a public company than a private company.
The Cost of Raising Moneyby William CateOnly your family, friends, ... and fools ignore basic funding ... These costs have evolved over time because they reflect the cost of helping t
... ... Are ... CateIt isn't your money that counts. It's what that money will buy that matters. To preserve your savings, your money must earn an income that offsets the ra

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