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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Many people opt to lose weight by using the Zone diet. This diet is different from diets such as Atkins and South Beach Diet because of the fact that Zone emphasizes a ratio which consists of the thre...
If you are living an unhealthy lifestyle, you are increasing the risk of developing high cholesterol. Having high cholesterol is bad because it increases the risk of you having a heart attack, stroke,...
Ten years of research has gone into the development of Hydroxycut Hardcore. This product has been scientifically proven to decrease bodyfat by 8 percent, and increase norinephrine by 40 percent. Hydro...
Milk has recently been known for its ability of doing the body good, but does it actually live up to the hype by doing a body good? Everyone has their own opinions about drinking milk, and they either...
Determining the amount of reps and sets a person performs will vary on the individual and factors such as age, height, weight, goals, etc. For most of us, determining how many reps we do per workout d...
Training the back muscle to a decent size will give you a "Hulk" like appearance and give people the impression that you bodybuild. You are going to learn what the back muscle is, the two primary port...
Choosing to smoke cigarettes is your decision, but smoking can have a severe impact on your fitness goals. This article will explain the dangers of smoking, smoking`s negative impact on your body, and...
Gustavo Badell was born on November 3, 1972 in Venezuela. He currently resides in Puerto Rico with his wife and two kids. Gustavo stands only 5'8" but weighs in on stage at a ripped 240 pounds. Of cou...
To be the best bodybuilder that you can be, it is vital that you understand the different body types to determine which workout and dieting routine you want to follow. Every body is classified as one ...
NO-Xplode is the only pre-workout supplement that produces noticeable results in strength, energy, performance, and training intensity. Within minutes of taking it, you will notice it working in your ...
Cardiovascular activity is difficult to enjoy and it is even tougher when you do the same exercises every day. This article is going to give you an insight of the most popular methods of cardio availa...
The Atkins diet is a popular diet that emphasizes a high fat, high protein, and low carbohydrate approach. The diet promises that you will not be hungry, you will lose weight, and have better health a...
Your heart is a muscle that is located on the left side of your chest and is about the size of your fist. It sends blood thoughout your body, providing it with the proper nutrients and oxygen that it ...
Slim Fast is the most common diet shake available on the market today. Its plan allows for a shake at breakfast, lunch, and then a normal dinner. It also allows two pieces of fruit and a Slim Fast bar...
In the world in which we currently live, it is now necessary that one knows how to properly defend themselves or their loved ones if they are in danger of being hurt. This article will become useful i...

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